A beta and a release date for Tales of Crestoria

release date tales of crestoria

We finally have some information about the mobile game Tales of Crestoria! The release date and beta for Bandai Namco's new game has been announced on Twitter.

Release date of Tales of Crestoria and its beta

If all goes well during the open beta, which will take place in early May, the release date for Tales of Crestoria is scheduled for early June (no specific day yet) on iOS and Android.

You can already pre-register on Google Play or AppStore to test this new game in advance!

Tales of Crestoria, what is it?

Now that you've got the release info, maybe you'd like to know a little more about the game? Let's find out!

In Tales of Crestoria, you will follow the adventures of Kanata and Misella who are considered transgressors by a relentless system. This system is based on a vision orb that every citizen must wear. If he commits a crime, he will be judged and condemned by a popular vote.

Here is the trailer from Tales of Crestoria which introduces you to the world of the game:

The gameplay

On the gameplay side, the battles take place in turn-based In which you will have to use characters from other episodes of the Tales of licence (Velvet Crowe, Luke Fon Fabre,...). You will have to form a squad of several characters and this is based on a system of random draws (gacha).

Here is a short gameplay video of the game:

The graphics

As for the graphics, ToC is a 3D game with a Manga style and some 2D transitions. As you can see in the gameplay video, it's pretty good for a mobile game!

You can see the design of the characters as well as their abilities and history on the official website.

And now we just have to wait a few days before we can test this new game and it will allow us to wait for Tales of Arise which is scheduled for 2020 but on PC, PS4 and Xbox one (no mobile port planned).

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