Citra 3DS emulator comes to Android

citra 3ds android emulator

Created in 2014, the 3DS emulator Citra has come a long way to finally arrive on Android in the Play Store. If it's still an early access version, no doubt it will still make many happy.

It's the opportunity to discover or rediscover the best games initially released on Nintendo 3DS. Rediscovering the games of your childhood is always a pleasure! In addition, the application supports game controllers.

Nostalgic for Pokemon? The real game is coming to Mobile with Citra.

Immediate but limited availability

The application is already available on the Play Store, but for the moment there are only about a hundred compatible games. It is free, although for the more determined, you can buy a premium account to improve the game experience (dark mode, HD mode...). This costs a little less than 5 dollars.

As far as your smartphone is concerned, the vast majority are capable of supporting and launching the application as long as you do not wish to play on an antique. Be careful not to use the wrong application: Citro 3 DS Pro is a copy to avoid. Citra has a very recognisable logo with a small yellow lemon:


A medium that requires 3DS games

As a reminder, Citra is only a 3DS emulator, a game support. In the application, there is no game to download or to buy... So you have to load your own games. Legally speaking, you should therefore dumper the game from a 3DS cartridge to make it compatible and usable on the Citra mobile application.

mario kart 3ds android

Among the games already available, you will still find classics such as Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing: New Leaf or various versions of Pokemon. An alternative and very popular solution is to find somewhere on the internet a version of the game to download and decrypt to make it compatible with Citra.

It's a lot of gymnastics but the result is there. Citra is surely of a much better quality than the 3DS emulators previously introduced on Android.

Several features in the 3DS Android emulator

A sign of the quality of the development, the application integrates several additional features of your phone. It is able to use your phone's camera to scan QR codes or integrate your photos. The Android keyboard also allows you to write as needed in the game and the developers have even included the possibility of importing your existing Miis into the application.

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