Free What the Golf? upgrade adds 50 levels

Free What the Golf update

Powered by the Apple Arcade, the new free update for What the Golf? has opened. Entitled "A Hole New World", the update adds 50 levels to the game currently available on iOS. To keep the momentum going, the title also unveils new holes, a boon for a golf game! Here's the latest news. 😎

What the Golf update: 50 levels and 1000 holes added

"Holes? In golf? We thought they would be a good addition to the game, so we added about a thousand (more or less)." This is what Triband, the publisher of What the Golf? said about the upcoming update. The hilarious and terribly addictive mobile sports game will see its number of game holes increase on all gaming platforms in the coming days. As many as 1,000 new holes will be implemented on the in-game fields upon release. ⛳

In addition to the new challenges in sight, the title offers users 50 additional levels to complete, as well as various word mini-games. The update in question is already available on the Apple Arcade and will be coming to PC and Switch in a few weeks. On the menu: lots of holes made by cannons, laughter and golf content "for people who don't like golf", as its creators so aptly put it.

MAJ What the Golf, available on Apple Arcade
MAJ What the Golf, available on Apple Arcade

By the way, you should know that if you play on Nintendo Switch, you won't get 50 extra levels, you'll get 120 extra levels. The funny thing is that the What the Golf update on Switch was revealed far too early by mistake by Triband. The latter retorted that "that's life", proving that the publisher is just like the game, ultra funny. 😅 A pack of cool new challenges, never-before-seen campaigns... In short, an update at the height of expectations.

To find out more about the new What the Golf MAJ, head over to Apple Arcade! 🏌️♀️

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