Discovering the Frostpunk mobile adaptation, entitled Beyond the Ice

How to play the alpha test Prostpunk mobile Beyond the Ice

Frostpunk mobile: Beyond the Ice invites the glacial survival and management license to Android and iOS smartphones. Currently available in alpha, this game brings a welcome fresh perspective on grassroots management, urban growth and expeditions into inhospitable lands to grow a group of survivors.

An alternative history of the 20th century in the heart of the ice

On its presentation page, the title boasts that it is the official adaptation of the PC title Frostpunk on mobile, a game that is said to have reached the top 3 best sellers on Steam. It is therefore not surprising to see Beyond The Ice take the codes of its elder to adapt them to a new format.

Play the alpha test Frostpunk mobile Beyond the Ice on Android

In Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice, forget global warming. You are reliving the 20th century in a strange way. As the steam engine grew, a Game of Thrones-like volcanic winter hit the world. Only one city has managed to survive the extremely low temperatures: its heat generator is now humanity's only hope. In addition to developing your city with basic resources such as wood, food and coal, you will have to manage the heat of your inhabitants to keep them alive.

Choose carefully which district to develop and don't forget to take into account the demands of your citizens! Give them speeches to motivate them and avoid a drop in morale that would hamper production, improve their tools, send them to fight snow panthers and harvest what you can from the old world to build a new one.

This is the challenge you face in Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice on mobile. If this has piqued your interest, let's see how to play Frostpunk on Android from the alpha phase.

Play Frostpunk mobile on Android during the alpha

Playing Frostpunk: Beyond the Ice on mobile is very simple. The alpha build is available on the TapTap page of the game, download it now, to play it without delay. In just over two hours of play, the only bugs I encountered were when placing buildings. The interface sometimes disappears and you have to restart the game to find it and continue normally.

Frostpunk: Beyond The Ice on mobile currently offers an alpha version test in several regions: Europe, Oceania, and part of South East Asia (SEA). The title is not completely innovative, but for a first test, bugs are rare and the whole is mastered, with a growing depth. Moreover, its atmosphere is very well realised.

Gameplay-wise, it requires a minimum of management, offers multiple facets of gameplay in addition to dialogue and interactions with the environment and characters that enhance the gameplay experience. Despite the fact that this is not the final version of Frostpunk, the game already looks very promising, with a taste for detail that is more than appreciable. You can even leave tracks in the snow by tapping the screen!

Whether you're an iOS gamer or an Android user who prefers to wait until a final release to avoid losing your savegame, check out the best games like Frostpunk on mobile with our top management games.

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