Full Metal Alchemist mobile to be released in Japan in 2022

Full Metal Alchemist mobile to be released in Japan in 2022

Announced in our previous news on the game in July, we were eagerly awaiting new information on the FMA Android and iOS game which was due to arrive in winter 2021. Well, here we are. The original announcement of the game was part of the manga's 20th anniversary celebrations, and this one almost comes under the tree. Full Metal Alchemist mobile game pre-registrations and trailer, we take stock together!

Full Metal Alchemist mobile pre-registration opens

The first trailer was only a thin teaser with dialogue bubbles revealing to the viewer the presence of the original manga's plot in this Full Metal Alchemist mobile game. We didn't learn much, but fans could find terms they know well: recovery of Alphone's body, Truth Gate, war against the Homonculi, etc. However, it was sincerely lacking in visuals. In this new official trailer, we discover some short gameplay images in the middle of an atmosphere Cinematic.

Without revealing much, FMA mobile seems to present a fighting game. It has to be said that quality titles on Android and iOS in this category are few and far between, so there's certainly room for improvement! We don't get a glimpse of the interface or the core mechanics, but it was time for this trailer to give fans something to sink their teeth into. Full Metal Alchemist mobile's release date will be somewhere in 2022, depending on the developers' progress.

In any case, to pre-register for Full Metal Alchemist on your mobile, you need to go to the game's official website. The rewards that you will find on the pre-registration homepage has a 500,000 player milestone as its final goal.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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