COD Warzone Mobile gameplay: alpha leak

COD Warzone Mobile Gameplay

As the game has just entered its first phase at test, let's see what the leaks of COD Warzone Mobile gameplay images have taught us. On the agenda: the button layout, the first version of the gulag and the return of Verdansk with some changes.

The first Warzone Mobile gameplay images

Following a leak from the closed alpha of Activision's upcoming Battle Royale, we've been able to catch a glimpse of COD Mobile Warzone first gameplay footage, recently made official as Project Aurora.

This mobile port of Call Of Duty: Warzone is highly anticipated by fans of the licence, and more generally by fans of FPS on mobile. It is therefore not surprising that information about it is difficult to keep confidential.

COD Warzone Mobile gameplay was leaked on Twitter. The footage has since been removed at the studio's request, but some of it may have been recorded before then.

COD Warzone Mobile gameplay images

On one of them, we can see an overview of the interface. It can be seen that the buttons are concentrated on the right side and at the bottom of the screen. Thus, the whole left side of the screen is left free to offer a better visibility. In most other FPS, such as Apex Legends Mobile or Battlefield Mobile, the map is located at the top left.

The return of Verdansk and the Gulag

With these COD Warzone Mobile gameplay images, we have confirmation of the presence of the city Verdansk, well known to Call of Duty Warzone players. However, according to the dataminers, the map will not be identical to the one of the console and PC versions. Indeed, if some places will be back, like Park, Farmland or Port, others will be completely new.

COD Mobile Warzone gameplay: plane and gulag

The Gulag will of course be back to allow players eliminated early in the game to get back on the map if they win their duel. It will also return in its first form, i.e. in the prison showers.

While we don't have a release date yet, we'll probably get more footage of COD Warzone Mobile gameplay in the coming weeks as invitations to participate in the alpha increase. At the moment, it is still not possible to register for the test phases. However, you can still pre-register on TapTap, as more than 500,000 people have already done, to be informed as soon as the game is released.

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