Hot Wheels: Rift Rally establishes itself as a mixed reality racing game on mobile

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally announced for Playstation and mobile

Developed by the creators of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, the racing game Hot Wheels: Rift Valley has just been announced. With this release, Velan Studios offers you to break speed records in your living room, or anywhere at home! A mixed reality mobile game, this title allows you to create your own tracks and control a vehicle remotely with your phone to race it. Check out the gameplay and release date of Rift Rally in this article. For now, pre-orders are only open in the US.

Hot Wheels car racing gameplay at home

Announced by Velan Studios, Hot Wheels: Rift Rally takes the mixed-reality miniature car racing formula brought by Mario Kart during Pandemic. With the partnership between Velan Studios and Mattel, this new Hot Wheels game on mobile brings a fiery toy car style to the home.

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally released on Playstation, iPone and iPad

Buy your pack, place your doors and create your dream tour in any room of your house or apartment. In fact, you can even do this outside, anywhere you can take your iOS device and play safely!

Hot Wheel: Rift Rally official release trailer

The trailer of Rift Rally reveals gameplay images of the game from Velan Studios. It shows two players and their vehicles, racing and preparing the track.

On the gameplay side, several important points are presented in the trailer:

  • Mixed reality of the circuit and your remote controlled vehicle;
  • Customize your vehicle in its virtual version, such as color, model and decoration. Of course, this will not change its real appearance, but your custom car will be visible on the screen during the race!
  • Doors to be placed on the ground to create a course of your choice, on a relatively flat surface;
  • And various environments and objects to use to affect the race of your opponent or boost your car Hot Wheels: Rift Rally to come first.

Game Modes: Campaign & Stunt

In its release trailer, Hot Wheels: Rift Rally does not really mention the possible game modes. However, you will be able to discover the Campaign mode and the Stunt mode. In campaign mode, you can play alone or with others (alternating vehicle control) on your own custom track with your doors. You can also compete with your friends in Rift Rally challenge on Playstation and mobile up to 4 players at the same time.

Circuit Hot Wheels mixed reality racing game at home

The Stunt mode focuses on freestyle. In-game, practice impressive tricks. Your score will increase and you won't need to focus on the gates since there is no track in Stunt mode. Campaign and Stunt are the only two modes available at the release of Hot Wheels: Rift Rally. In parallel, we would have liked to see time trials or other challenge variants.

Packs available at release

Two Hot Wheels: Rift Rally game packs are planned for the release of Velan Studios' title. Let's take a look at the details of the standard pack and the limited edition pack. For now, they can only be ordered from the US.

Standard Edition:

  • Price - $130 ;
  • Doors - 4 for your tour;
  • Car - Chameleon RC (standard remote control car)
  • Vehicle charger.
Pre-order standard Hot Wheels: Rift Rally Playstation and iOS pack

Collector's Edition (limited):

  • Price - $150 ;
  • Doors - 4 for your tour;
  • Car - Special RC Collector Car (standard remote control car) ;
  • Limited edition Hot Wheels McLaren car;
  • Unlockable car in game, model McLaren Senna;
  • Vehicle charger.
Pre-order Hot Wheels: Rift Rally Collector's Edition Pack Playstation and iOS

Hot Wheels: Rift Rally release date

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit was a Switch exclusive. Meanwhile, Hot Wheels: Rift Rally will be available on mobile, PS5, and PS4. It will be an iOS exclusive. The release date for Hot Wheels: Rift Rally is scheduled for March. The exact date should be March 14, as that is the date for pre-orders to be received.

You can already pre-order the game on iPhone, iPad and Playstation consoles if you live in the United States on the game's official website. After that, orders will open in Canada and, hopefully, to the rest of the world.

Release date of Hot Wheels: Rift Rally, the track at home

Rift Rally replaces Knockout City

While we're thrilled to be able to announce the release date for Hot Wheels: Rift Rally, it comes at the cost of another game. Last week, Velan Studios said that its game Knockout City would close in June 2023. Knockout City is a multiplayer shooter in which you have to knock out your opponents with accurate shots. Those who haven't tried it yet only have a few months left to do so.

Or they can also prepare for the release of Hot Wheels: Rift Rally in March! Check out the other best mobile car games in our dedicated top.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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