HunterxHunter mobile launches in early access in China

Early access HunterxHunter mobile China

A famous anime gets its own mobile game. After Dragon Ball Legends Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice and many other adaptations, it's the turn of HunterxHunter mobile to be talked about on smartphone. Available in early access in China via the Playstore, this title aims to be as successful as its anime.

Early access HunterxHunter mobile

As ambitious as its hugely successful anime, this game titled 獵人×獵人 on Google Play is an adaptation made by Program Twenty-Three. HunterxHunter mobile has already launched in China in early access this month and is already inspiring players around the world. For now, the Android version is not available in any other country at the moment, and we are still waiting for a final release date of HunterxHunter mobile.

HunterxHunter on smartphone wants to be an immersive RPG adventure on Android and iOS. But it will take time to prove that the video game adaptation is on par with the manga and anime masterpiece. In HunterxHunter mobile, choose your characters and progress through the story with Kiya, Jackie, Leorio and Kurapika, for example. Enjoy free hunter experiences, PvP in Sky Arena, mental skills training, etc. in your favorite anime universe.

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Advanced features like on Genshin

The virtual world of hunters has been developed in 3D and offers many areas to explore: Youkexin City, Shimera Wetlands, Dole Port, Whale Island... However, HunterxHunter mobile shines in its trailer by the fluidity of its fights. The game uses a complex line-up system. There are many synergies, the six major mental abilities and a character switch at the Genshin Impact.

HunterxHunter mobile gameplay release date

Digging around on the official HunterxHunter mobile site, we learn more about the different game modes. The Trap Tower challenge will put your senses to the test. The World Boss will make you a real hunter by gathering all the servers for an epic battle. Become the most powerful hunter in this anime mobile game created under Unity, completely in 3D, a bit like Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds.

Now you know everything! Now we just have to wait for the announcement of a release date for the rest of the world.

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