Marvel Realm of Champions mobile game now available for pre-registration

Mobile game Marvel Realm of Champions

Haven't you always wanted to find out who was the strongest between Iron Man, Thor, Thanos and the Hulk ? Marvel Realm of Champions Unfortunately, Marvel Realm of Champions will not give you a canonical answer to this existential question. However, this RPG will give you the opportunity to fight other players in 3v3 by building your superhero team. For those who prefer the dark side, rest assured, super-villains will also be on hand. Pre-registration for this Marvel mobile game is open and it will be available soon. To motivate you, the development studio Kabam is even offering freerewards !

The game should be ready since it has been tested in a regional closed beta. This is an opportunity for Kabam to get as much feedback as possible from the community, to fix bugs and tobalance the game.

With this video, the pre-registrations open

The different factions of the mobile game Marvel Realm of Champions

The Marvel universe is extremely rich. It has been used in all sorts of ways in comics, films, series, video games and merchandising, and is still as fascinating as ever to its many fans. The presentation video accompanying the opening of pre-registration for the latest Marvel mobile game sets the scene for the new opus. In a chaotic world full of territorial disputes, different factions are fighting each other. Although the time lines are distorted and the game offers alternative realities, these factions still promise to be very strong!

Marvel Realm of Champions mobile game
  • House of Iron, headed by Tony Stark, aka Iron Man;
  • The Spider Guild, led by Ms. Web (Spider-Man);
  • The Gamma Horde, led by the warlord Scar ;
  • The Patriot Garrison, governed by President Carter, who seems to have inherited Captain America's shield;
  • The mysterious entity known as the Ancient One, currently led by Steven Strange, Doctor ;
  • The Republic of Asgard (Thor and Loki) and its warrior queen;
  • The Wolverine clan and its leader Logan;
  • The kingdom of Wakanda, ruled by Shuri, T'Challa's little sister;
  • Deadpool, as comical as ever, leading a faction in his own image;
  • Several super-villains, including Thanos, appear at the end. They also want to share a piece of the pie.

A 3v3 combat system

All the factions are going to war against each other in this Marvel mobile game. It's up to you to choose your side and build the best team possible with 3 elements. Remember to equip your characters to gain power.

By pre-registering, you will receive exclusive equipment, 100 Units and 300 Gold. A good start to the adventure!

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