MMORPG Noah's Heart beta on the horizon

Beta of Noah's Heart

The publisher of the successful MMORPG Dragon Raja has taken on a new challenge. Building on this experience, the Archosaur studio will soon offer its fanbase the opportunity to explore the world of Noah's Heart in beta. The highly anticipated game is based on the codes of successful MMOs with a twist: the steampunk theme and its mechanical flying machines.

Discovering Noah's Heart with the beta

Mixing medieval fantasy and steampunk, Noah's world unfolds after the history of our civilisation. Where some speak of a potential competitor to Genshin Impactthere is no reason to get carried away. The announcement trailer for Noah's Heart dates back to June 2020. Since then, when we ask the developers about the release date, all we get is "soon" for a year.

In any case, the trailer already highlighted the title's superb graphics. Made on Unreal Engine 4 like Fortnite or GTA Trilogy, Noah's Heart is part of the ambition to make mobile MMORPGs a legitimate experience, even away from PC screens. There are plenty of main and side quests in these vast lands to explore, populated by NPCs and creatures. But what really gets players excited is the feature that allows them to fly over the world in a personal aircraft.

Screenshot trailer Noah's Heart
Screenshot from Noah's Heart in beta

The release date of the beta has not yet been confirmed. However, following the answers of the game's moderator on theofficial announcement, we can see that their communication promises a beta available within a month maximum. Still, this beta will bring a lot of feedback to the developers and probably new ideas to integrate into Noah's Heart.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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