The Office mobile game in the soul of the sitcom

The Office : Somehow We Manage

The US sitcom universe is coming to smartphones. The Office: Somehow We Manage mobile game is already on the horizon of new pocket gaming releases. We tell you all about this mobile port of the series and its latest news.

The Office mobile game announcement

The Office was announced as a mobile game only a few days ago. However, Leaf Mobile Inc's latest production is already talking about its release. Even if the release date of The Office: Somehow We Manage is still unknown, we already have a vague idea. Indeed, the announcement speaks of a release for the end of 2021.

In terms of gameplay and business model, the game will be a free-to-play idle-game. This is not surprising since the F2P model has been in vogue for many years. Moreover, the idle genre fits perfectly into this business model as well as into the lineage of the games produced by Leaf. Here, the mobile game The Office is the result of collaboration between East Side Games, a Leaf subsidiary known for Anger: Danger Phone for example, and Universal Games as well as other digital platforms.

The CEO of LEAF spoke about the game:

The opportunity to bring the five-time emmy award-winning TV series The Office to mobile as part of our signature idle games catalogue is an honour for us at LEAF. We look forward to sharing this new experience with everyone from new audiences to Dunder Mifflin enthusiasts.

In-game, play as your favourite characters from The Office and live their lives. You'll find iconic characters such as Jim Halpert, Michael Scott, Stanley Hudson, Kelly Kapoor and Pam Beesley. New characters will be added to this list over the months and through updates. The game obviously focuses on the same narrative as the series. So we can expect a maximum of fan service between the actions to make The Office survive against all odds and economic difficulties.

For the latest news on the mobile game The Office: Somehow We Manage, please visit the official website. On a completely different note, you may be interested in the announcement of a Kingdom game inspired by the Netflix series.

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