Northgard mobile multiplayer and crossplay in focus

Northgard mobile multiplayer and crossplay in focus

You have certainly already heard of Northgard. How could you miss this title mixing viking spirit and Age of Empires-like gameplay? However, if Shiro Games' title was convincing on PC, it still had some features to publish its Android and iOS versions released a few months ago. And it's done! Northgard mobile's multiplayer is here and so is the crossplay, so if you like strategy and Scandinavian mythology, nothing should mar your smartphone gaming experience.

Northgard mobile goes multiplayer and crossplay

With 2 million copies sold on PC, it was more than obvious that the title would be awaited by fans on smartphones once the port was announced. However, some were left a little frustrated at not knowing what happened to the Northgard mobile multiplayer mode. This week, things are settling down for Android and iOS players. According to Playdigious' official Tweet, you can now fight with or against your friends in epic multiplayer battles.

In addition to this tweet, it is worth going over the details of the multiplayer in Northgard mobile and its various game modes:

  • Duel: a face-to-face confrontation between two players to determine who is the better strategist.
  • Teamplay: rules equivalent to duel, except for the format which sees players compete in 3v3, 2v2 or 2v2v2.
  • FFA (free-for-all): In this mode, 6 players compete against each other and each of them tries to reach one of the victory conditions before the others.

And for those who don't really know Northgard but are still interested in this potential discovery, I advise you to watch this little Android launch trailer and to go and have a look at the Playstore or Appstore page of the title to make your own opinion.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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