Release of Blood Strike: a FPS that can stand out from the crowd?

Release of Blood Strike

Blood Strike has been available in South America since mid-September, and was released shortly afterwards in Asia. It's now available worldwide ! Discover this release of Blood Strike today and take advantage of a host of launch rewards. Taking its inspiration from Valorant or Apex Legends, with its strikers boasting unique skills, will Blood Strike be able to stand out from the many FPSs in the genre? We take a look.

Several game modes available for the release of Blood Strike

The new FPS from NetEase Games, Blood Strike, offers extremely nerve-racking gameplay to be played alone or in co-op. Several modes are available at launch, including the highly popular Battle Royale, in both ranked and unranked games. Make your mark and be the last of the 100 players competing.

Get into 4v4 matches with the Squad Game mode, or play the Hot Zone mode, which resembles a capture-the-flag mode. Finally, a training mode (Range) lets you test your weapons and your strikers' abilities against bots.

Release of Blood Strike: a sniper

Blood Strike: gameplay with a wealth of possibilities

Like Valorant and Apex Legends, from which the game seems largely inspired, Blood Strike's gameplay revolves around strikers, charismatic characters with a wide range of abilities. Take advantage of the dozen or so heroes available for the release of Blood Strike to find the one that best suits your style of play.

Release of Blood Strike: striker Hank places turrets.

You can choose between more traditional ranged gameplay or hand-to-hand combat with, for example, a swordsman with a katana, an unusual but rather original weapon in this genre. To progress in the game, you can also customise your weapons to give them better abilities and statistics.

Will Blood Strike find its audience?

Will Blood Strike find its place among the best battle royale games on mobile? Unlike Warzone Mobile, with its more varied and less realistic gameplay, its strikers and its fantasy universe, Blood Strike doesn't benefit from as large a community of players as Activision's licence. This could prove detrimental, especially as the release of Blood Strike falls on the same day as that of the new Call of Duty on mobile.

Nevertheless, Blood Strike could appeal to Valorant players , among others, who are desperately waiting for Riot Games' game to come to smartphones.

Release of Blood Strike: rewards available at launch

NetEase has pulled out all the stops for the worldwide release of Blood Strike. For old and new players alike, there are a number of rewards available to celebrate the game's global launch. Here's a list of all the prizes we've been able to find:

  • three Geometry Chests (code MARCH21ST)

  • Damascus legendary weapon (first login bonus)

  • Black Steel legendary weapon (by inviting friends to play)

  • Violet Wraith legendary skin (by completing the Beginner Event)

  • a Gold Chest containing 9999 Gold (by reaching level 5)

That's a huge boost to your gaming experience from day one. Discover Strikers and take part in bloody battles royales today.

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