Release of Hades on mobile: find Zagreus on iOS with Netflix

release of Hades on mobile

Today's the big day: Hades, the mythological roguelite from Supergiant Games (and my personal GOTY of 2020), is finally available! If you've got an iPhone and a Netflix subscription, you've got no excuse: thanks to the release of Hades on mobile, you can discover or rediscover this little gem, play as the dark Zagreus and make your way out of the underworld.

Release of Hades on mobile: escape the underworld in this immersive roguelite

For those of you in the background who haven't kept up with the latest JV news over the last four years, let's take a quick look at Hades, the isometric roguelite dungeon crawler. For the release of Hades on mobile, you play as Zagreus, son of Hades and God of the Dead. Your objective: escape the 4 floors of the underworld and find your mother on the surface, in Greece.

Hades now available on mobile

As with all roguelites, each time you die you return to the starting point and unlock upgrades that will help you progress through the levels, beat the angry bosses on each floor and annihilate the final boss: Daddy himself!

The Gods of Olympus will help you on your way up, offering you a range of active or passive benefits to choose from according to your preferences and the many combos you can obtain. As a bonus, you can customise the difficulty of each late-game run, for the most relentless of players!

Release of Hades on mobile : Athena

In addition to the benefits and the many unlocked weapons that will make every escape attempt a unique run, you'll also discover the fascinating story that unfolds in the underworld when Hades is released on mobile: charismatic, engaging characters, a real plot and unexpected twists and turns - that's what the release of Hades on mobile promises you!

Does the game feel match the gameplay for Hades on mobile?

The latest Supergiant Games title to be released in 2020, Hades is not the first of the studio's games to have been ported to mobile. Bastion, released in 2012, is also playable on smartphones.

So, what does the release of Hades on mobile give us in terms of control? Unsurprisingly, the handling isn't as fluid and enjoyable as it is on PC. Nevertheless, the quality of the Hades port is undeniable. The 4 main actions (dash, attack, technique and throw) are on the right-hand side of the screen, with the directional cross on the left.

Gameplay Hades - Elysée

The game's original content has been fully preserved and certified microtransaction-free, so you're guaranteed dozens (if not hundreds) of hours of gameplay if you're aiming for 100%! More good news: the soundtrack by Darren Korb, Supergiant Games' historic composer, is still there, to the delight of our ears.

The absence of Hades on Android, the black mark of this release...

But how can we fail to mention the major drawback of this port? The absence of an Android version, which has made Hades fans cringe. To enjoy it, you'll need an iPhone. Not to mention the other essential condition: the need to have a Netflix subscription, as the game is only available in its catalogue. So the release of Hades on mobile has a bit of a bitter taste, because a title of this quality, so complete and generous, should be accessible to everyone.

On that note, I'm off to try my luck in the underworld!

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