Hextech Mayhem, the game Riot Games on Netflix

Hextech Mayhem mobile Netflix game

Half of the geek world has only the term Hextech on its lips. Between theArcane story, the Hextech Augments TFT and this new game, it seems that mankind is trying to take over magic via science by any means possible. Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story is a side-scrolling rhythm game that looks simple but effective. We tell you all about its release date, its porting to different platforms...

Hextech Mayhem, a Netflix release but not only

The trailer for Hextech Mayhem was released this week. In this trailer, we discovered the latest addition to Riot Forge (the game editing system of Riot Games). This rhythm game focuses on the adventures of Ziggs, the master of explosions, in a rather classic 2D side-scroller. Except that the scrolling translates into a musical platformer where you have to respect the right tempo to allow Ziggs to progress in the level.

Trailer for Hextech Mayhem: a League of Legends Story

Note that, in the same way as Conv/rgence or Ruined King, the games signed by Riot Forge all use the name "A League of Legends story". The purpose of this name, for Hextech Mayhem as for the other titles of the editor, is to affirm the existence of the game as an extension, an extension of the vast League of Legends universe.

You will have to wait until November 16th before you can get your hands on the game on PC (via Steam) and consoles. You can already pre-order it to get the skin Ruined Ziggs. The release date of Hextech Mayhem as a Netflix game on mobile is not yet known. However, we can expect more information in the coming days. Stay tuned for the Riot conference or twitter announcements from Hextech Mayhem's development studio, Choice Provisions.

How to play Netflix mobile games?

There are currently 5 games in the Netflix catalogue, with Riot Forge and Choice Provisions to be added. While some may tell you about the Games on Netflix tab from the mobile app, the easiest way to access Netflix mobile games is through the Playstore or Appstore.

How to play Hextech Mayhem mobile on Netflix

Let's take a look at the links to the titles in the catalogue and how to play the Netflix games currently available. You'll even be able to download Hextech Mayhem soon!

  • Teeter Up, a small Arcade game where you have to manoeuvre elements to place a ball at the destination of the level. The game has been available on the Playstore since the launch of the games catalogue and on the Appstore since 10 November.
  • Stranger Things 1984, an action-adventure game featuring the iconic locations from the series, available on Playstore and Appstore.
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game is available for download here on the Playstore and Appstore. It is intended to be a companion game to season 3 with new and familiar quests. The game adds to the content already available to the viewer.
  • Shooting Hoops, another arcade game where you have to aim at a basketball hoop, to be downloaded via Playstore andAppstore.
  • Card Blast is a game based on poker and fast action, to discover on Playstore and Appstore.
  • And soon Hextech Mayhem!
Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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