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Update Lost Centuria 1.1.0: new monster, new spell and new mode!

Update Lost Centuria 1.1.0

Many changes in this update Lost Centuria 1.1.0! Many fixes to bug and improvements to gameplay, but above all, 3 big new features: a monster, a spell and a game mode. Let's go, we'll tell you right now what you need to know about this first patch Lost Centuria which will take place on Thursday, May 13th between 7am and 9am (Paris time/UTC+2)!

A new monster: Hwadam

A new rare monster has appeared: Hwadam. With a Light attribute, he has the Spirit of Thunder skill. This allows him to apply a Decrease Attack 2 effect to the backline. If his targets are under the effect of Deceleration, they will be stunned. We can imagine an infamous combo with Poseidon... In your opinion, at what level of the tier list of monsters will Lost Centuriabe located?

Hwadam Lost Centuria

Like all other monsters, Hwadam has 3 skill stones:

  • Detrimental Effect: Increases the duration of the Thunder Spirit's Attack Reduction by 3 sec.
  • Damage: Increases the damage of Thunder Spirit by 20%.
  • Discreet Defence: If another ally suffers an attack that is supposed to cause death, prevent their death and share 30% of your max health with them. This effect will not activate if your max HP is 40% or less. If more than one target is defeated at the same time, the leading ally among them will become a target.

A new spell: Damage Amplification

A normal rank spell will be added to the list of 16 spells already available in the game: Damage Amplification. This spell is intended to inflict damage to the entire row of the spell's target if the target receives skill damage.

New summoner portraits to unlock

Do you recognise them? You should. If you've completed the single-player campaign of Occupy Combat, you've fought them all at least once! From chapter 1 to chapter 12, Kadugan's boss acolytes will appear in your character portraits. But be careful, to get them, you'll have to earn them. Indeed, you will have to fight each of the bosses 15 times in the Wanted mode.

Portraits Lost Centuria - update 1.1.0

You can check your progress in "Profile", then "Custom settings" at the top left of the Lobby

The World Tournament is coming with the update Lost Centuria 1.1.0

A new tab will appear on Lobby. It is the World Tournament. A new season is about to begin and you'll have to show what you're made of! By the way, to be sure to make the right choices and establish the right strategies, go to our dedicated article: the best compositions to ride Diamond.

Improvements in playing comfort

Replay will now allow you to see what cards your opponent had in hand during each phase of your battle. This is ideal to get a feel for certain strategies and to check where you might have made a mistake in your play.

Replay Lost Centuria - see the opponent's cards

Monsters and spells can be upgraded to the maximum possible level in one go. This saves a lot of time!

Update Lost Centuria 1.1.0 - Monster level increase

The passive skill information will now be visible when you summon a new monster that has one. Indeed, it was not very user friendly, you really had to know that some monsters had a passive skill and especially, where to find it.

Other news include that the difficulty level of Wanted mode will be lowered. Also, Duress Combat will now be available for 3 days (not 4). Also, if you are lucky enough to have reached the Diamond rank, you are affected by the fact that the number of victory points deducted if you lose will be lowered a little. Finally, the reward for the daily quest "Play 3 times in Ranked Combat" will no longer be 10 glory medals, but 1 mystic book.

Now you know everything about the upcoming Lost Centuria 1.1.0 update! Get ready dear summoners!

Source: Notice about the new V.1.1.0 update - Hive

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