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Lost Centuria Tier list  | The best monsters

Lost Centuria Tier list  | The best monsters

What are the best monsters on Lost Centuria? Which are the weakest monsters? Who should you choose first in your composition? All the answers to your questions about the tier list Lost Centuria can be found in this article! We will now see a ranking of the most powerful monsters to the most useless monsters to understand who you should choose in priority and why.
Discover right now our monster tier list Lost Centuria to give you a precise idea of the gamebreaker monsters to place in your decks. 💪

Lost Centuria Tier list  : overview

Lost Centuria Tier list
Lost Centuria Tier list  : ranking of the best monsters !

In order to understand how the game works and the gameplay mechanics, it is important not to jump in head first. By this I mean that a team composition must be balanced and well thought out. For example, it is not relevant to create a team with the 7 monsters we have positioned in tier S. Your composition must have tank(s), heal, support, DPS single-target or zone DPS, counter mechanics, etc. In short, a good balance. As a result, we will see good compositions containing a tier B monster and possibly tier C (more rarely).

That's why, for a better understanding of how to create decks and place your monsters in the frontline and backline, we suggest you read our article on the best compositions in Lost Centuria. ⚔️

Tier S monsters: the powerful gamebreakers

Here are the best monsters of Lost Centuria, the most powerful ones, the ones you should think about without hesitation when building your team. The top tiers.

Lost Centuria Monsters  - Best Monsters
  • Eleanor: This is the support that you can place in all your compositions. She is played in 2 phases. When she is not in frontline, she heals other monsters, removes harmful effects and brings crit resistance of 2. Once in frontline, she becomes a frightening tank, applies a shield reflecting damage as well as a defense boost of 2 and a crit resistance of 3. Very solid, she is the pillar of a good deck. Her place in tier S is easily granted.
  • Jeanne: She is very strong for a cost of only 3 mana points. Indeed, she will stun the first enemy monster while healing an ally and when her Guardian buff reaches 2, she will get the Prayer of Protection spell which allows you to make your weakest monster invincible while buffing the whole monster line's with damage reduction. Equally strong to counter enemy effects with cc and to attack.
  • Khmun: One of our favourite monsters. He is very useful and brings a lot to a team. In addition to offering great damage, he will leave a mark preventing the targeted enemy from healing. He will heal himself as well as your weakest monster. Overall a really strong monster for your comp.
  • Sophia: She is the must have Wind DPS. Sophia is capable of one-shotting an opponent! In addition to dealing heavy damage, she leaves a defense debuff on her enemy. She only costs 4 mana for really powerful damage. She becomes essential in any composition as soon as you have a good runes and a skill stone to support her set.
  • Nicky: She deals a lot of damage. Nicki prevents the enemy from removing your damage over time. If the enemy tries to remove her damage, their entire backline will get stunned and take heavy damage. She is strong alone but turns out really op when paired with Baretta.
  • Hathor: She is able to put the entire enemy backline to sleep. This allows you to gain time if you're doing zone damage, or to completely one-shot the frontline if you're more of a single target player. When well controlled and used at the right time, she will turn many games in your favor.
  • Woosa: We really like him as a counter. Thanks to his Shield, but especially his Immunity, he can really turn the outcome of a fight around. He costs 5 mana, but his impact is really huge. Just watch out for an opposing Soha so that it doesn't turn against you. He's Water, he tanks pretty well, he's very strong against area damage and duration based meta.

Lost Centuria Tier list  Tier A: the best choices

You can opt for these monsters with your eyes closed. They are very powerful and offer many advantages for a training course.

Lost Centuria Tier list  - monsters A
  • Poseidon: This monster is very strong because it will slow down your opponent's mana regeneration while doing significant AoE damage. In addition to this speed reduction, it is a good Water off-tank to place in frontline. Coupled with Bernard, it allows you to manage the speed of the game and control your opponent.
  • Ragdoll: He is very strong because he has no elemental malus except against Light. Its particularity is to target the enemy who attacked last. This is perfect for killing a heal or a troublesome DPS. In addition to doing heavy damage, it leaves a mark on its target which, if the latter uses its skill, a dragon is launched all along the line to do heavy damage.
  • Baretta: This is the mainstay of the AoE and long term damage formations. For 4 mana, he does a lot of damage. He is very strong in synergy with Nicky, Thrain or Tesarion.
  • Lushen: Very powerful, it attacks all opponents in front of it and completely ignores the defense. Despite its high mana cost, it is very good at running out of steam if you have a strong frontline.
  • Bernard: Very good off-tank, it allows you to increase your mana regeneration by 2 and it will help you to counter the numerous Poseidon you will meet in ranked. It is totally appropriate in tier A.
  • Lapis: She is strong in the backline, she attacks all the monsters in front of her and applies a Shield. On several occasions, we won in 1v4 thanks to her. She is a real gamebreaker if your opponent has no stun in hand.
  • Tesarion: This is the ultimate AoE damage monster. If you pair him with a monster that does damage over time, he is capable of finishing an entire frontline in one attack. The further the game goes, the stronger it will be. And if you get to the weakening phase that removes 20% of HP from everyone, he is able to one-shot your opponents.
  • Artamiel: A tank that we like a lot, especially against compositions that will abuse buffs. He will remove his target's buffs and inflict damage proportional to his buffs while healing the weakest ally. His only elemental malus is Darkness, which allows him to tank a lot.
  • Kuhn: One of the best tanks due to his high HP and the fact that he is Water. He can freeze the entirety of the opponent's frontline, while increasing his defense and applying immunity to himself. He stalls well and is a great value in the frontline.
  • Fynn: Very good DPS single-target Water. It leaves a DoT on its target for 9 seconds. If his last hit is a critical hit, he freezes his target.
  • Megan: Excellent water support. It mitigates the effect of an opposing Poseidon. She offers 2 attack to your whole team.

Tier B monsters: situational choices

These are decent monsters, with a situational role, specific to certain decks, or which require a synergy with other monsters to be truly effective.

Tier B
  • Perna: He is very expensive compared to the impact he will have in a game. His main advantage is that he will allow you to stall a fight, as he will reappear after his death. His area attack can have a good synergy with other AoE DPS.
  • Soha: Very situational. She is strong against compositions who will abuse buffs, but without it, she is rather useless.
  • Konamiya: It needs to be synergized with another card to be truly useful. However, it can improve your DPS cycle or allow you to pick up a heal card to immediately wipe damage over time.
  • Mikene: She is strong at the beginning of the fight to hold your frontline. Afterwards, she will only be useful to remove the harmful effects.
  • Thrain: Very good multi-target DPS that, coupled with a monster that does damage over time, reveals its full potential. As the game progresses, his impact will become more interesting as he will have fewer targets to focus on.
  • Kahli: Super DPS single-target. It inflicts heavy damage while ignoring defense and leaves an anti-heal debuff on its target.
  • Orion: Very good at confusing your opponent's strategy. He will not adapt to all formations and the randomness of his spells naturally places him at this level of ranking as it is impossible to anticipate his effects.
  • Ramagos: Very good tank, but unfortunately for him, the meta is Fire oriented and that does not play in his favour. He doesn't belong at the top of the table, unless you rune him well and if he has a skill stone.
  • Ganymede: Very expensive for the effects he produces. He is Wind, so prefer Poseidon instead.
  • Tagaros: Rather average DPS that has the ability to stun an opponent. It doesn't cost much, but its stun doesn't last very long.
  • Rakan: A good PV bag, he tanks not so bad. But his problem is that he will buff himself and lack synergy with his team.
  • Verdehile: Interesting Fire DPS, but so far we haven't managed to find a good place for it in a deck. Its damage is rather low, despite the mark it puts on opponents. To be tested later, depending on the evolution of the meta.
  • Hwa: Very good DPS single-target. However, his spell as a finisher has very little interest. Removing 2 mana from the opponent is not really gamebreaker. It is quite fragile and its mana cost is high.

Tier C monsters: what not to do

Usable, but not recommended, here are the tier C monsters of our tier list Lost Centuria.

Tier C
  • Prilea: Despite her low mana cost, her Defence Reduction 2 skill has no real impact on compositions.
  • Elucia: Very strong when you start the game, when zone damage is not yet widespread. It's a powerful heal single-target, but it loses interest as you level up, because of compositions AoE and debuff.
  • Copper: It is rather weak. It requires a lot of preparation to be used. You'll have to run it and take advantage of its skill stones. But basically, it has no place in a composition.
  • Colleen: She is far below the other supports. Its heal is weak, it does not bring suppression of the harmful effects. On the other hand, its mana cost is interesting.
  • Mav: He was very good at the start of the game thanks to his mana cost of 2 and his combo with Ramagos. Unfortunately, there are much more interesting tanks than him.
  • Sieq: He is a very good DPS single-target, but he is far too fragile. Faced with full AoE or damage over time, he sometimes dies even before the first tank.
  • Camilla: She may be legendary, but she is far too weak without skill stones or good runage. She can even be dangerous for your composition if you use her badly.
  • Racuni: His spell is counterproductive. It does fairly little damage and for 2 mana, it will only reduce the mana cost of your most expensive card by 1. So skip it.

Tier D: trash tier list Lost Centuria

Overall, these 4 monsters have no business being in a viable composition at the moment.

Lost Centuria Trash tier list
  • Chloe: She is far too expensive for the impact she offers in a game. Her Invincibility is too low, she tanks badly. Do not use her in your deck.
  • Hraesvelg: He too is rather weak, despite the mark that increases damage by 20% on opponents. It costs 4 mana, which is still quite expensive. We find it very difficult to place him in a damage rotation. Moreover, it tanks very little. Forget about it for the moment.
  • Shannon: Despite her low mana cost, she is not interesting. The buffs she brings are not interesting. It has no place in a composition.
  • Roid: He has the same problem as Shannon, his debuff won't really have an impact, as he doesn't do much damage and tanks very little.

This tier list Lost Centuria is now complete, you are ready to go! This ranking is based on our gaming experience, so it's always a bit subjective. Therefore, don't hesitate to tell us in the comments which choices you would have made in our place and why 😉
Finally, to go a little further in the overall understanding of the game, we invite you to visit our beginner's guide Lost Centuria. Enjoy the game!

Marjo Former editor-in-chief of JeuMobi and a real sniper of spelling mistakes. Very good audience, laughter is my fuel. Life is a game, isn't it!

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