Announcement of Utopia No.8 on mobile and PC, between Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley version chibi

Utopia No. 8 announced on mobile and PC

Since the Animal Crossing: New Horizon movement during the Covid-19 pandemic, many gamers have been looking for a new, cute virtual playground to gather in, and Utopia No.8 may be the new El Dorado of that genre. If you're not into Roblox or low poly games, you're in for a colorful and attractive new nugget.

In this case, theannouncement of Utopia No.8 could make you happy. I present you this future mobile and PC game which mixes its inspirations chibi, ACNH and Stardew Valley for a cute cocktail to share between virtual friends.

Rise of the metaverse and social sandbox universes to share

With the rise of the metaverse, some bullshit concepts manage to get media attention with an incomprehensible punchline. But that doesn't seem to be the case with Utopia No. 8, which will enter alpha in June and early access later in November. The game describes itself as a futuristic, social virtual playground. Basically, from the trailers, it could be the version of Animal Crossing we wish we had, instead of Pocket Camp.

Utopia No. 8 announcement, character customization gameplay

Looking fun and cute, this title with chibi characters is also interested in in-game social events like concerts, so it's obviously a new game to add to our list of games to watch at JeuMobi.

Utopia No.8 will be available on Android/iOS mobile and PC

In terms of gameplay, Utopia No. 8 doesn't just make you arrange your house, garden and decorate your yard or fish with friends. Inspired by games like VR Chat for their socialization aspects, Happy Tomato's title invites you to take the microphone or stream in dedicated rooms. You can even play board games or mini-games in the virtual world of Utopia No.8.

PIYA in Utopia Number 8 announced

On the other hand, if you are rather shy, you can slip into the audience and simply enjoy the show! Moreover, the show will be reinforced by virtual events such as concerts, an element that is teased directly in the trailer of the game.

In Utopia No.8, you can build your house but also amusement parks, stores and anything else you can think of. In your adventures through this free-to-play social universe, you will be accompanied by a little pet called PIYA. For the moment the announcement of Utopia No. 8 presents an ambitious project with a very beautiful site but a rather small community. The game has no release date of Utopia No. 8 announced yet

Utopia Nuumber 8 Roadmap plans for the release of the game on mobile and PC

According to the official announcement, Utopia No.8 will launch on Kickstarter to confirm its release, as a KS button can be seen on their site. So, if you are interested in the game, consider supporting it financially to be part of the founding members of this virtual universe! You will soon be able to find the campaign on the official website of the game.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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