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Wild Rift 3.5b patch notes and Lillia's jungle release

Wild Rift 3.5b patch and Lillia jungle release

Attention, dear fans of the Rift! The Wild Rift 3.5b patch has just been released this December 15, 2022, bringing with it a ton of new features for our greatest pleasure. This year, we'll be able to play Lillia, the new Wild Rift champion armed with her magic staff, or explore the Spirit Realm. And for those who prefer winter sports, poro snowball fights are also on the agenda. This 3.5b patch also includes balancing updates, including a small nerf from Braum. Warm up your fingers and get ready to enter the rift, the new update is here!

The Wild Rift 4.0 patch has been revealed with all its major info like new champions, balancing, tower changes... Find out everything you need to know about the upcoming MOBA season from Riot Games !

The new jungler Lillia in Wild Rift patch 3.5b

In patch 3.5b, players can finally get their hands on Lillia in Wild Rift. The famous jungle mage from League of Legends makes her mobile debut. Played primarily as a jungle mage, Lilia can also shine in the mid.

It will be interesting to see how she will fit in the meta, knowing that on PC she works well in duo with Aatrox or Tristana for example which are at the top of the Wild Rift meta of this patch 3.5b. We advise you to have a look at the Lillia Wild Rift build sheet to play her in an optimal way with an adapted stuff.

Champion Lillia Wild Rift patch 3.5b

And if you're new to jungle, we've put together a Wild Rift jungle guide that may be helpful. As a new champion of version 3.5b, Lillia is available since December 15th at 00:01 UTC.

When will Wild Rift 4.0 be released?

The Wild Rift 3.5b patch update will take a little longer than usual, as the developers at Riot Games will be busy enjoying the holiday season. We'll introduce you to patch 4.0 when it's released on January 12. You will be able to discover all the new features of this version of Wild Rift 4.0 as soon as the editor has communicated about it.

Events and Champions balancing in Wild Rift 3.5b

The Wild Rift 3.5b patch will also bring two new events: Spirit Blossom and Snowball Battle. First, Spirit Blossom features a series of quests in the Spirit Realm to obtain in-game gifts. The Spirit Blossom event linked to a dedicated skins series will begin on December 15 at 00:01 UTC.

Spirit Blossom Event skins Wild Rift

In Snowball Battles, have fun with the adorable poros starting December 30th. No poros will be hurt in the battles, Riot promised.

Wild Rift snowball fight event patch 3.5b

This Wild Rift patch brings some balancing on 4 champions. Braum suffers a basic stats nerf and Dr. Mundo gains a damage boost on monsters. In addition, Kassadin has had his cooldowns reduced. As for Garen, he gains attack speed and HP.

Here's everything you need to know about the Wild Rift 3.5b patch. We hope you enjoy the Lillia Champion and the upcoming events. Check out the official update notes for more details.

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