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Wild Rift 4.0 Patch Notes: Zeri & Zoe are coming

Patch notes Wild Rift 4.0 Zeri and Zoe

Christmas has passed but some mobile game developers like the Wild Rift 4.0 patch offer you a preview of their big updates for early 2023. These Rising Spark patch notes bring big changes: inhibitor respawn, burning towers for the late game, new features for tank champions, etc. On the skin side, it's the lunar new year that is honored. I detail all the information about the update in this article, in addition to the arrival of the champions Zoe and Zeri in Wild Rift 4.0.

Zoe in the Wild Rift 4.0: Rising Spark patch

The first to join the modified Rift in Wild Rift 4.0 is Zoe. A mischievous mage with a very long-range spell, Zoe's gameplay in Wild Rift retains her movement and crowd controls. Twilight Manifestation can be played as a midlane or dragonlane in support.

Her long-range shooting combo with the portal jump makes her hard to catch and very dangerous with a single projectile. Zoe is also great for poke or finishing off an enemy under her tower.

Champion Zoe Wild Rift 4.0 update Rising Spark

In the Wild Rift 4.0 patch, Zoe retains her spell stealing ability. She will be able to pick up spells on the lane depending on their use. With the Rising Spark update, Zoe's weak cooldowns and her sleep c/c to chain with a shot will return. This is an ideal Wild Rift champion if you like to annoy your opponents while remaining relatively elusive.

For more comfort, especially on champions with a big skillcap like Zoe, we advise you to play Wild Rift with the controller. It's really convenient.

Zeri launches into the Mobile Summoner's Rift

Rising Spark wouldn't be complete without Zaun's Spark. Zeri from Wild Rift 4. 0 brings his best colors to mobile in 2023. An extremely mobile and fast shooter, Zeri reveals his gameplay in the patch preview by developers Riot.

Gameplay of Zeri Wild Rift 4.0

Another "z" hero, Zeri from Wild Rift is coming to our phones for 2023. Played on the dragon lane in ADC, she has a basic attack that shoots in one direction and hits the first enemy in her line of sight. It is therefore impossible to aim precisely at an enemy champion. So you'll have to be precise on the aim to hit the enemy.

Zeri's gameplay revolves around several basic spells: a zap with a slow for his first skill as well as a continuous damage and slow laser that can pass through walls.

Arrival of Zeri in Wild Rift 4.0 patch notes

Zeri can also dash straight or dash over a wall which is very useful for quickly navigating around large pits in the jungle in case of gank reinforcement. His next attack is also reinforced by the dash. You can watch its full gameplay in the Rising Spark update video of the Wild rift 4.0 patch.

His ultimate boosts Zeri and shocks nearby enemies while collecting charges for each enemy champion hit. His subsequent attacks can create chains of damage from one enemy to the next. And Zeri's movement and attack are faster.

Ultimate Zeri gameplay Rising Spark

For the rest of the Wild Rift 4.0 patch notes, it's the tank champions that get the attention of the developers with some improvements. You can find the complete list of tanks in the link above.

How can I prove that I play Wild Rift better than my friends?

If you can play Zoe better than the average bronze but still not like Caps, how do you prove to your friends that you are a good Wild Rift player? Some will tell you that rankings aren't enough. But Riot has just decided to add a Wild Rift role leaderboard between friends for the 4.0 update.

Leaderboard by role Wild Rift, champion, lane and guild

With one score per role to prove you're the best midlaner on your friends list, no one will be able to challenge your authority. You'll soon be able to discover this new way of showing off directly on your mobile profile.

Title of the Wild Rift 4.0 preview role leaderboard

Moreover, a selection of top players by role by region will also be available with Wild Rift 4.0. The best of the best players will even have access to a special title to display.

Other changes in the Wild Rift 4.0 patch notes

The gameplay of Wild Rift is based on 3 distinct acts: the early, the mid-game and the late-game. However, the developers have noticed a margin of improvement to be compensated essentially in late game with the release of the last patches like the patch 3.5b with Lillia. Let's see what changes will land on the Rift at the beginning of the year.

The respawn of inhibitors in a balancing patch

First, the Wild Rift 4.0 patch video explains the arrival of inhibitor respawn. Without a specific respawn cooldown, inhibitors will still be able to have a second life, as on PC, in one of the balancing patches at the beginning of the year.

This change will not happen in 4.0. This will avoid completely open lanes on one side of the game and may allow some teams to effectively take advantage of late game comeback opportunities.

Towers on fire in late game with Rising Spark update

In fact, another new feature in the Wild Rift 4.0 patch notes will enhance the possibility of an exceptional rematch. To keep the pace of Wild Rift games high, turrets will have a limited life span.

Clockwork tower on fire patch Wild Rift 4.0

No more hiding behind your towers in a very late game until the enemies get bored. Your towers will gradually burn down to push you to act quickly and finish the game more aggressively.

The last patch was focused on the jungle, the Wild Rift 4.0 patch aims at the tank role

Discreet heroes of team composition and essential to teamfights, these VP bags rarely get the recognition they deserve. The Wild Rift 4.0 patch update returns tank champions to their glory with

Currently, the Ixtali Seedjar and Deadman's plate items are good early tank picks for roamers. But what options can you choose to shine in your lane? Dawnshroud is your ideal botlane item in Update 4.0 as it deals damage to nearby champions passively as well as revealing them. This works even if you're stuck in a cage at Lux or rooted by an opponent.

Balancing items tanks ixtali seedjar and deadman's plate

The Wild Rift 4.0 patch also brings an additional passive to Randuin's Omen. If you take CRIT damage, you will accumulate stacks. In return, attacking an enemy will consume their stacks to heal you of your lost HP.

Several other tank champion items are moving towards more aggression, such as Frozen Heart. Indeed, you'll have to seize the right attack opportunities, even as a tank, to take full advantage of the damage reduction effects in the Wild Rift 4.0 patch.

The return of the ARURF mode with this update

Wild Rift's All Random Ultra Rapid Fire Mode is back. Even if we would like to see more creativity from Riot in new game modes, we'll have to make do with it. The developers are also taking advantage of this to test an Execute-Smite.

Execute-Smite ARURF Wild Rift preview

As jungler, you will take your Smite as usual, but it will act as a passive skill. The Execute Smite in the Wild Rift 4.0 patch will automatically kill a jungle monster you attack that falls below a certain HP threshold.

The line of skins Wild Rift Lunar New Year and its dedicated event in the patch 4.0

The preview of the Rising Spark update also reveals the upcoming skins lines. The Chinese New Year skins Wild Rift will be the first to arrive, followed by skins PROJECT: SURGE and then skins Battle Academia.

Here is the complete list of skins Wild Rift 4.0 Rising Spark:

  • Mythmaker Gwen
  • Mythmaker Caitlyn Special Edition
  • Dragon Fist Lee Sin
  • Firecracker Vayne
  • PROJECT Renekton
  • PROJECT Zeri
  • PROJECT Lucian
  • PROJECT Master Yi
  • Battle Principal Yuumi
  • Battle Academia Leona

You can find all the information about the Wild Rift 4.0 patch notes from the developers on the official game website. Until we have more information about future updates, good luck on the Summoner's Rift!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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