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Games like Genshin Impact

In the world of mobile games Gasha and RPG, Genshin Impact represents one of the pillars of the genre (despite its youth)! However, it is not the only game to excel in this category. Many other works, mostly open world, prove every day their effectiveness to players, in terms of story, plot and graphics! If, like us, you like games where you have to collect heroes, fight enemies and farm your skills, all with incredible graphics inspired by Japanese anime, you will love our selection. Here, just for you, are the 10 best games like Genshin Impact available on Android and iOS 😉

FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS - The Square Enix mobile game to test

Final Fantasy is surely one of the most representative games of the genre. Fabulous RPGs, epic battles and cinematic scenes worthy of a true anime film, FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS takes Square Enix 's vast FF universe and turns it into a traditional turn-based fighting game. In this installment, you'll find all of the old Final Fantasy characters, all in your pocket and all for free.

The game is based on a pure and intuitive gameplay with 3D fights and animations, as in Genshin Impact ! Of course, in the same way as the latter, this Final Fantasy mobile allows multiplayer in arenas PvP. The big common point between the two games is the graphics, since both are well known for their atypical characters and for their typical Asian anime scenes. In short, I really like this game as Genshin Impact!

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Honkai Impact 3rd - By the same creator as Genshin Impact

In fact, it was impossible not to mentionHonkai Impact 3rd in this TOP! This is a game created by the same developers as Genshin Impact. As a result, the two games are very similar in gameplay and overall visuals. MiHoYo goes back to the fantasy RPG slope and offers a true real-time action game, like Genshin Impact.

With its HD cell-shaded graphics, the game has nothing to envy to the mobile version of Genshin. Indeed, the characters are as well made and as interesting, the fighting modes manage to impress thanks to the animations included in the movements of the weapons and characters. In short, a subtle mix between Genshin Impact and FF, finally! Note that the game offers a subscription system and rewards , if you like the game enough to pay!

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Guardian Tales - The most similar strategy game to Genshin Impact

Guardian Tales is easily one of the most popular games of 2020. This is a puzzle game and a strategy game focused on solving puzzles and destroying bosses. Add to this a PvP dimension and the possibility of joining and progressing in a player ranking. Guardian Tales will appeal to anime lovers, thanks to the cinematics and the main plot, but also to those used to strategic fighting games.

This game is very similar to Genshin Impact, on the one hand thanks to the presence of gems and energy used for the character's abilities. But also, this work, almost literary, does not forget its little touch of humour in the characters' dialogues, just like the game Genshin Impact! This provides a very good basis for a funny, quite original and absolutely beautiful content. We also notice strong similarities with the Zelda games. So it should, also, appeal to the relevant audience. 🤩

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Fire Emblem Heroes - The best role-playing game on iOS and Android

Nintendo is once again pulling out all the stops. This mobile game continues the Fire Emblem role-playing saga, which is already quite extensive. Here, the game changes, summon lots of heroes and fight through the 1,300 levels available in the game. The goal remains simple, you must level up your characters, strengthen their equipment and win battles thanks to multiple abilities specific to each of the heroes drawn.

In addition to the main storyline, you can play against other players or train your heroes. As in Genshin Impact, your mission is to collect the best heroes. Will you take up the challenge?

available on google play
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Stella Arcana - An open world par excellence!

In the cute RPG category with lots of quests to complete, we have Stella Arcana! The game's little pluses: the ergonomics and the breathtaking graphics. A very popular game, so much so that the servers are often full. 😅 This does not prevent you from enjoying the story of this game full of magic. Your goal is to travel through a fantasy world. You have to discover mystical lands and complete various daily quests. The goal of the game? Find five crystals scattered around the world and assemble them.

available on google play
available on app store
Game as Genshin Impact - Stella Arcana

Moonlight Sculptor - A new MMORPG that looks like Genshin Impact

We already know a bit about Moonlight Sculptor, but it is still a bit vague. This game, published a short time ago by Kakao Games, brings together players in an open world and numerous characters in the style of Genshin Impact. Here too, your heroes have their own class with associated powers and abilities. It is up to you to make them evolve and train them to become the best!

The developers at ArcheAge don't stop there, as they offer users the opportunity to participate in tournaments between players! In this game, you can also become whatever you want, be a craftsman, a fighter, or a breeder of companions, if you wish. In short, a game like Genshin Impact, with lots of possibilities and freedom.

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Elona Mobile - A minimalist super RPG in the style of Genshin

You wanted a game like Genshin Impact? We found a cute open world RPG called Elona Mobile. This game, available on iOS and Android, seems to have been made for fans of minimalist games (a la the old Pokémon on DS Lite). Basically, you arrive at a shipwreck. You have to flee Etherwind because it causes all sorts of mutations.

However, a storm takes you away and you land on a hostile land. This is where you will start many new lives! You can be a salesman, a pianist, or a fighter, with eleven races and ten classes available in the game. You will notice that this game is very similar to Genshin Impact in the creativity behind each story and quest.

available on google play
available on app store
Elona Mobile, a game like Genshin Impact

TALES OF CRESTORIA - One of the most epic RPGs on mobile

Tales of Crestoriaor ToC for short, is one of the most epic RPGs on mobile. Like Genshin Impact, this game already boasts top-notch visuals, but on top of that, the story is incredible. It is a continuation of the Tales saga. Tales of Crestoria has the basics of a good RPG with turn-based combat, all set in a wonderful universe between manga and Japanese animation. The goal is to ally with Kanata and travel the world of Crestoria to defeat your enemies.

The plus of this game and its little "Genshin" touch: This game allows you to assemble various heroes and build your own team of shockers!

available on google play
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RuneScape Mobile - The mobile fantasy MMORPG inspired by the PC version

The popular RuneScape game, available on PC via Steam, was recently released on mobile. RuneScape Mobile actually offers cross-platform quests with PC players. So it's a pretty cool game, because you can switch and continue your progress on different gaming platforms.

In this new mobile game, you will discover Gielinor and its open world multiplayer. The medieval world of RuneScape is very reminiscent of the game's universe. Genshin ImpactYou'll find the same style of quests in this game. Except... Overall, you can do anything in this world. You can become a merchant, run your own port, or train in combat. The world is yours!

available on google play
available on app store

Black Desert Mobile - An MMORPG and management game with graphics like Genshin Impact

Black Desert Online or BDO is finally available on mobile and you might as well enjoy it! Simply, this game is quite complete and gathers everything we like in Genshin Impact. You will be able to create your character, in a very advanced way (almost like in The Sims 4). We can also choose a class among 18 classes such as Magician, Warrior or Corsair.

In this game, you will have a multitude of quests to complete in an open world multiplayer environment. But also, BDO mixes MMORPG with management game since you quickly access your camp. This place is dedicated to the harvesting of resources or the construction of buildings. In short, a great game that is somewhere between Genshin Impact and a good old King of Avalon. Mix this with epic battles and the learning of combat techniques, and voila BDO Mobile!

available on google play
available on app store
Games like Genshin Impact - Black Desert Mobile

Do you like our selection of the best games similar to Genshin Impact ? Feel free to leave us your comments and suggestions, as well as your game experiences. If you want to go even further, you can check out our TOP of the best Gasha games on mobile. Take care and enjoy the games!

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