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Which Coin Master rewards can you get?

Getting Coin Master Rewards

Welcome to another comprehensive article dedicated to the popular mobile game Coin Master ! For you, we've looked at the different types of rewards Coin Masterand how they affect the game and how you can get more and more of them! So if you're looking for an explanation of a reward Coin Master, a bonus or a way to get some, you're in the right place. đŸ€©

Waiting and Drawing Rewards

By logging back into the game after a long period of waiting, you may get a Coin Master bonus reward. This often translates into gold or spins. Which I'm sure you'll like. But let's go back over the possible Coin Master rewards when you start the draw and how to use them.

Instantaneous earnings 💰

By rolling the wheel, you can get these items or actions instantly. They all have one or more uses and are not obtained in equal proportions depending on the draw.

Gold Icon Coin Master

Firstly, there is gold(LOTS of gold) which will allow you to upgrade your village buildings to get as many stars as possible. It will almost never be used for anything else. But who knows, maybe that will change!

Tower icon Coin Master

Then there are the very infrequent tricks, which only add 10 turns. Don't count on them to bring up your tower gauge because they will never be enough. Instead, go to our dedicated article to learn more about spins Coin Master and how to get them.

CM shield icon

There are also shields, for a maximum of three shields, which will protect you from other players' attacks. I mean attacks, and attacks only. Indeed, your Coin Master rewards cannot prevent another player from looting your village at this stage of the game. Looting can even take place while you are using all your draws.

Even though there is no such thing as an anti-looting shield, we have listed for you the tricks Coin Master to prevent your opponents from taking everything from you at the slightest opportunity. Some techniques can greatly limit your gold losses.

Action Coin Master active or event 🔹

Hammer Icon CM attack

Attack hammers are also available and can be used on the target of your choice. They are one of the most rewards Coin Master frequently obtained. Your attacks can be blocked by other players using shields or the rhinoceros pet. In this case, you will only gain a small amount of gold (200,000 / 250,000 gold at the beginning of the game).

However, if your attack is successful, you will not only be able to burn down part of another player's village, but you will also be able to make a lot of money. This can quickly add up to millions, which can have a big impact on your game. To increase the rewards of your attacks, you must have the tiger pet activated.

Icon pig looting CM

And finally, you will come across the looting pigs with the famous pig Coin Master. This ugly pig's head allows you to loot another player's village. By looting, the game means letting you take all of the other player's wealth if you succeed. To increase your rewards looting, you need to activate Foxy, the fox pet.

Looting Coin Master and massive raid

And finally, you will sometimes earn bonus points depending on the current event (very important), I will come back to this in the next section.

Note that these are the standard draw Coin Master rewards and event points change frequently. In fact, we'll also talk about experience potions and trading card chests next.

💡Did you know? You can play Coin Master on PC to track your spins stash more easily and play on the big screen!

Points Coin Master bonus, experience potions and cards

During your draws, you can also earn special event points. These will be dependent on an event (or events) taking place. For example, you may have the reindeer race and Foxy's Christmas on at the same time. Foxes will then be available on the draw wheels. As a result, each fox drawn or reindeer won will be added to the gauge of the related event.

Jackpot Coin Master event

The same applies to fir trees or any other event points. Each of the gauges in question yields a different Coin Master bonus reward.

Event gauge and ranking reward đŸ„‡

Where the main event (the one displayed directly on the slot machine) can win you coins, experience potions and spins by the hundreds, the secondary event is still more modest.

Tournament Coin Master ranking

For the secondary event, the rewards are less numerous because the gift levels are more spaced out. Reindeer are a good example of this. However, if you collect enough of them and do well in the reindeer race, you will get a lot of gold at the end of the event, in addition to the rewards collected along the way.

CM Experience Potion Icon

With these events, you can win experience potions from the rewards Coin Master bonuses. These experience potions are used exclusively to level up your pets. They work in the same way on foxes, tigers, rhinos and other pets. Once the pet has leveled up, you will get biggerrewards by feeding it as each level boosts its stats.

Raid on collection cards 🃏

Finally, during your looting or during Coin Master events, you will have the opportunity to come across various and varied chests. Wooden chest, gold, magic, frozen or anything else, they all contain cards. These cards are illustrated with a picture, a name and a number of stars indicating their rarity.

Coin Master Rewards  trunk

The cards are, in fact, divided into thematic collections: objects, animals, sweets, etc. And each collection will earn you big bonuses. And each collection will earn you big bonuses. Several hundred tricks should make you happy, right? Some even give you access to an extra pet. On the other hand, stumbling upon a chest is like digging a "no coins" hole, which means that the loot in question will be less rich in corners.

All the Coin Master rewards

Coin Master rewards daily

Every day, you will be able to collect Coin Master rewards simply by browsing through the game menus. The most obvious one is certainly the login bonus. This allows you to complete one box per day of a board, with Coin Master rewards bonus if you reach a certain number of accumulated login days. Normally, this menu is displayed automatically when you log in. But it can still happen that it is not the case.

Daily Reward Coin Master

For other bonuses, you can use the daily draw wheel. Spinning the wheel once will sometimes get you a very attractive reward. To spin it more, you will have to pay, so don't be too quick to hit re-spin!

CM jackpot wheel

On the other hand, you will also be able to access the resale of cards from a certain level. This option is not available at the very beginning of the game, but will be very useful later on. To access it, go to the menu Coin Master, in the Cards tab. Then select the second icon at the top right of the screen. You should be able to exchange your duplicate cards for a new chest ! This reward Coin Master is only available once a day. 🎁

However, it does allow you to get something other than cards. You can get gold and potions as well as new cards. And with new cards comes the chance to complete collections. You can get spins Coin Mastergold and the finished village!

Coin Master Rewards bonus

In addition to all the other rewards mentioned above, it is possible to collect free rewards Coin Master every day. This means that you will always have the opportunity to collect more gold and items. To get them, nothing could be easier. You just have to use the links Coin Master set up by Moon Active, the game's publisher, correctly.

Reward Coin Master bonus

Once you know how to use them to collect the in-game reward, you'll need to find new ones every day. Fortunately, we've created an article that collects all of the Coin Master free spins of the day. This way, there's no way to miss out on any opportunities. You will be able to get tricks, gold coins or pet experience potions frequently, for example. This will speed up your progress and extend your game sessions whenever you want!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.


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