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Merge Magic! Challenge Levels Guide

Merge Magic! Challenge Guide

In the game Merge Magic! the levels follow each other, but they are not the same. Each map is different, the scenery changes and you have to solve puzzles that keep your brain working. But with a bit of order and method, you should not have too much difficulty to overcome the different levels to progress little by little in this magical universe. From time to time, there are Merge Magic challenge levels, which are much more complicated than the classic levels. We list the most difficult levels and help you to pass them! 🪄

What are Merge Magic challenges?

The Merge Magic challenge levels have several special features. Firstly, a single level has three difficulty levels, which allows you to get a maximum of rewards by replaying the level several times. The map remains the same and there are no additional obstacles. The only difference between the different difficulty levels is the time limit, which becomes more and more demanding. In addition to solving the puzzle, it is therefore also necessary to do so quickly to beat the timer.

Furthermore, unlike classic levels which can usually be cleared in several ways, Merge Magic challenge levels can be much less flexible. It's not uncommon to have to perform sequences and merges in a specific order. One small mistake, one accidental merge, one merge of 3 instead of 5, and the whole level can become unwinnable. That's the cruelty and beauty of these challenging levels where every detail counts. So don't confuse speed with haste. You have to go fast, but above all you have to think about your strategy and project yourself to think several moves ahead.

Merge Magic Garden
There are never enough workers for your Magic Garden.

Why are Merge Magic challenges special?

With three difficulty levels and a timer, the Merge Magic challenge levels already seem quite special. However, their interest does not stop there and players love these challenges above all because of their pretty rewards. While you are constantly trying to expand, decorate and beautify your Magic Garden, you must constantly rely on your magical creatures. They will bend over backwards to harvest, build and even fight your enemies. The only problem is that magical creatures are rare and you'll have to spend resources to expand your team. To speed up your progress, the challenge levels will allow you to obtain bonus magical creatures. The challenges are difficult, but the game is worth it!

Of course, as all work deserves to be paid for, completing the secondary objectives of the challenge levels will also allow you to walk away with extra resources for your Magic Garden. 🍀

How to succeed in the most complicated challenges?

There are several challenging levels that may give you trouble. Some have a very demanding timer, others require a lot of thinking to solve the puzzle. In any case, the game offers you some help. In the shop, you can :

  • Buy extra time.
  • Buy some items to fix a mistake you made or to help you progress.
Merge Magic challenge level shop
A shop that opens up several possibilities.

However, this solution is not very satisfactory. These thumbs up cost magic gems, a very valuable resource that can be bought with real money. We therefore advise you to follow our detailed step-by-step guides and open the level shop without spending any money. When the shop is opened, the timer will freeze and you will be able to check the next steps 😉

List of Merge Magic! challenge levels

To save you precious time and compasses, we have listed the most complicated Merge Magic challenge levels:

With all these guides and tips, you now have no excuse for getting stuck in a level. All you have to do is collect the rewards from all the challenges. For those of you who are still looking for more tips, take a look at our guide to getting started.

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