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Summoners War guide to getting started in 2020

summoners war guide for beginners

Here is our Summoners War 2020 guide to help new players get started with the game in the best possible conditions. Here you will find some tips on SW to level up quickly and progress more easily! We give you all our tips for getting started in this comprehensive article.

What is Summoners War?

Summoners War is a mobile strategy game set in an imaginary world populated by monsters of all kinds. The player takes place in a world full of dangers and must lead his monsters into battle against increasingly strong opponents(PvE) or against real players(PvP).

logo summoners war

The game has several typical RPG systems with a turn-based combat system, an island with several annexes to manage your monsters and if you wish, store them. The goal, as you will have understood, is to build up your monsters so that they become stronger and stronger to defeat all your enemies, real or not.

Editor's tip: playing Summoners War on PC will allow you to have a better comfort in game and especially to save the battery of your tel! đź‘Ś

Let's start with the basics, you have several menus available on the game interface of which you have an overview below. These menus allow you to go to :

  • your chest which contains all your energies, but also your rewards which you will have acquired while playing and the social points;
  • On top of the chest, you'll have a book that contains a series of new quests with great rewards ;
  • the "Event" tab which includes all current and scheduled events as well as some IG tips and a tab to enter promo codes when available;
  • packs are also available (and there are more and more of them) at different prices to suit everyone.
main island sw

You also have the battle, monsters, challenges, community andshop tabs where you will find several offers.

Let's start this beginner's guide to Summoners War by looking at these tabs and their function in detail:

Map of the world

The Battle tab gives you access to the Summoners War world map with all the battles. You can choose where you want to fight. There are guild contents(BattleIsland/TartarosMaze), the dungeons, the campaign and a new world called "Dimension Hole"for the second awakening.

Summoners War world map

Challenges and daily tasks

The challenges tab allows you to access your daily missions and challenges that are essential to your progress with some great prizes at rewards !

missions and challenges on summoners war


The "Community" tab allows you to access your friends list and your guild menu.

community tab


The "Shop" tab shows different products that you can buy with real or virtual money.

shop sw

By the way, I advise you to never summon for 75 crystals and to save until you have 750 to take the premium pack 1.

Summoners War guide: the monsters

You can access your bestiary via the "Monsters" tab to see all the monsters you own. You can sort them by attribute or by rank. In this tab, you will also be able to change the runes of your monsters, see their spells and the advice of other players.

bestiary summoners war

How to get monsters in SW?

Monsters are obtained through scrolls. For this, there are different scrolls that you can get by completing missions or by farming in the game:

  • scroll Unknown : This allows you to obtain a monster of 1 to 3 stars. It can be obtained via the Magic Shop or by farming;
  • scroll Mystic : it allows you to obtain a monster in 3 and 5 stars. It can be obtained during events or by farming. It is also available in the Magic Shop;
  • scroll Mystic elemental: this is like scroll Mystic, but you get a monster of the scroll element necessarily;
  • scroll Legendary : This is obtained by completing the Ascension Tribunal and allows you to summon a monster in 4 and 5 stars. You can get some coins from the Magic Shop;
  • scroll Light and Darkness : This is obtained every 24 days through the daily scoring event. It allows you to summon a light and dark monster between 3 and 5 stars. You can also get some coins from the Magic Shop.
types of scrolls in summoners war

Official drop rates for scrolls Mystics: 91.5% for 3 stars, 8.0% for 4 stars and 0.5% for 5 stars.

6 star monsters cannot be summoned, they are the result of your work. You can advance them by summoning 5-star monsters once you reach the maximum level. We advise you to take a look at our tier list of the best monsters!

What are the attributes of SW monsters?

Attributes are the genres to which the monsters belong. You get these monsters by summoning them thanks to the scrolls that you possess. You should know that a monster is available in four other genres, listed below:

  • water;
  • fire;
  • wind;
  • light ;
  • darkness.

Each attribute has a weakness against another attribute, for example, fire is weak against water.

weakness of summoners war attributes

How do I get runes in Summoners War?

Let's continue this Summoners War guide with an explanation of how to obtain runes. First of all, you should know that runes allow your monsters to become stronger in order to progress more easily. They are obtained when you succeed in a battle in any area of the story and in the Cairos Dungeon.

get runes on sw

There are several types of runes that define a unique property for each rune when applying their sets. For example, one must install four "Fatal" runes to a monster to benefit from the set that increases attack by 35%.

They can also be of several different grades which are differentiated by their colours:

  • municipalities : white ;
  • magic : green ;
  • rare : blue ;
  • heroic : purple;
  • legendary: orange.

Runes can be edited in the tab where you can access your monsters. Press "Manage" and you will have access to the management of your runes. You will see the evolution in real time of the changes applied.

improve your runes

There are many different runages for a single monster. It depends on what you want to do with it. For example, there are runages for each different boss of the Cairos Dungeon. We advise you to read our Summoners War runes guide to find out which ones to add to your monsters and how to upgrade them.

Summoners War guide: the different dungeon bosses

There are 5 main bosses in the Cairos DungeonThere are 5 main bosses in the game, but there is also a boss for each elemental attribute.

Each boss is divided into 10 or 12 stages of increasing difficulty:

  • The Giant's Castel , otherwise known as "GB", is the first boss you will face. It is also one of your first big challenges with a legendary scroll as a reward. You will be able to obtain the runes despair, energy, fatal, blade, fast.
  • The Dragon's Lair called "DB" is your second big challenge. It is essential to get violent runes to attack the next boss! It allows you to obtain violent runes, focus, guardian, endurance, protection and vengeance.
  • Necropolis, called "NB" is a boss that requires a team using multi-hits to defeat it. Hence the interest to farm the Dragon! It allows you to obtain the runes rage, will, nemesis, vampire and destruction.
  • The Steel Fortress (known as SB10) is a new dungeon that allows you to obtain attribute artefacts to increase the stats of your monsters of the same attribute.
  • The Punisher's Crypt (known as PB10) was released at the same time as SB10 and allows you to obtain type artefacts to improve the statistics of your monsters of the same type.
different dungeons and bosses in sw

There are also secret dungeons, otherwise known as "SD" dungeons in the game, where you can get monsters between two and three stars in the form of coins. There are secret dungeons for each attribute.

As for the other bosses, they are more generally called "Halls" and each hall rotates every day:

  • Hall of Darkness: Monday;
  • Fire hall: Tuesday ;
  • Hall of Water : Wednesday ;
  • Wind Hall: Thursday ;
  • Hall of Lights/Fire/Water/Wind/Darkness: Friday (available for 48 hours);
  • Hall of Lights: Sunday.

The buildings on your island

Let's continue this Summoners War guide with the presentation of the buildings. Each one has a specific use. At the beginning, you will have three buildings at your disposal:

Summoning circle
It is available at the beginning of the game and allows you to summon monsters through scrolls mystical, unknown, legendary, light and dark.
Improvement stele It allows summoners to improve their top monsters by using weaker monsters. This is called
"food" in the language of the game.
Magic stall This is a shop where runes, monsters from 1 to 2 stars and scrolls (mystical, unknown and fragments of scrolls legendary, light and dark) are available for purchase.

There is also the hexagram of fusions, which allows you to summon unique monsters. The first monster to merge is "Veromos" which is excellent in the Giant's Castel and other battles.

hexagram of monster mergers

You will also have access to other buildings depending on your level. They will be available, afterwards, in your Shop mentioned above. Among them, you can find the metamorphosis building, allowing your monsters to get a new look or the storage space if you don't have enough space in your "Monsters" tab.

Essential buildings can be paid for with mana (the game's money).

The value of a guild in Summoners War

A guild in Summoners War allows players to fight together against other guilds. This is called "GvG" and leads to great rewards at the end of the week. But there are also occupation battles called "GvO" in which three guilds compete to conquer the battlefield. In addition to this, guilds allow players to unite against the Tartaros Labyrinth to obtain rewards.

gvg sw
gvo sw

In this labyrinth, the goal is to find the boss called "Tartaros". But beware, there are 3 mini-bosses that can hinder your progress. You will be allowed five attacks per day and only one on the maze boss once discovered.

Tartaros Labyrinth
The Tartaros Labyrinth.

The rewards are different depending on how long it takes you to beat it:

  • SSS: 2 days - 7 rewards in the boot;
  • SS : 4 days - 6 rewards in the boot;
  • S: 7 days - 5 rewards in the boot;
  • A: 10 days - 4 rewards in the boot;
  • B: 14 days - 3 rewards in the boot;
  • C: End of time limit - 1 reward in the chest.

The labyrinth resets every 15 days and is usually on a Saturday.

As you can see, joining a guild in Summoners War is very important, as there are many rewards waiting for you! In addition, you will have the opportunity to exchange with other members to improve yourself.

Summoners War guide: player support

As I mentioned earlier, there is a feature that allows players to chat about the monsters you summon. Here you will find the chat room, your friends ' monsters and where the monsters are used.

This allows you to know which type of runage to apply to which monster according to its skills. This function is available when you go to the "Monsters" tab and press the small monster head in the same tab.

monster tips sw

If you don't have a monster, but you want to know its use, it is possible! You just have to go to the collection tab (which is always in the same menu), click on a monster and go to "Monsterinfo" available on the top left.

summoners war monsters

SW community sites

There are sites where fans can post their opinions and suggestions about the game. On these sites you can search for monsters and find out their runages according to the use you want to make of them.

Amongst these sites is SW-DB, which is a site for gathering news about the game, but also for finding out about applicable runages and where to use the monsters.

There is also SW-Database, which has the same function as SW-DB but with a more attractive and tidyinterface. In addition, it suggests the "must-haves"(the monsters that are essential for a good evolution in the game).

And so we come to the end of this Summoners War guide to getting started in 2020! I hope you found it useful. If you need any help or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us in the comments! You can also check out our other tips on Summoners War! GLHF!

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