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Cupid Among Us Mode: Easy Setup Guide

Cupid Among Us Mode

The little astronauts ofAmong Us astronauts like to have fun. From alliances and betrayals to big revelations, they promise to make for some crazy evenings for players. But because the community can't get enough, they've created alternative game modes to make the experience even more challenging. The Cupid Among Us mode adds challenge and, more importantly, new scenarios by introducing a couple of lovers. They win or lose together, alone. As they can belong to two different camps (an impostor and a crewmate), the investigations are even more complex. In any case, we have one more proof that love is stronger than hate!
To enjoy this Among Us game mode, you need to follow a specific procedure that we detail in our Cupid Among Us mode guide. We will also go over the rules to follow and the principle of this fun alternative mode.

Cupid Among Us mode: astronauts in love
Do you feel butterflies in your stomach?

How to install Cupid mode for Among Us?

First of all, it should be noted that the Cupid Among Us mode is only available for the PC version. It is not an official game mode developed by Innersloth, so mobile players cannot benefit from it for the moment. On the other hand, this alternative mode is free and does not require any additional purchase! So if a site asks you to take out your credit card, turn around in a hurry. 😈

Cupid Among Us mode: find local files in Steam
The local files can be found here!
  • Step 1 : Download the game mode from GiftHub
  • Step 2: Unzip the files with a third-party software like WinRAR. It is possible to use it for free.
  • Step 3: Access the Among Us game file from Steam. Enter your library and open Among Us settings (right click). Select "manage" then "browse local files".
  • Step 4: Copy all the items and create a new folder in the common area of Steam. Feel free to name it as you wish, preferably with a recognizable name like "Cupid".
  • Step 5: Add the files you unzipped with WinRAR to the "Cupid" folder.
  • Step 6: All you have to do is create a shortcut from the complete folder and put it on your desktop. With this method, there will be no confusion with the normal game mode or with the Sheriff mode, for example.

It only takes a few minutes. Of course, to launch a game full of love with your friends, the whole group must perform the operation on their side! For even more fun, we recommend combining the Cupid Among Us mode with the proximity chat, which also takes a few steps to set up. However, the latter is not mandatory.

How to play Cupid mode?

Cupid Among Us Mode

In Thiercelieux's Werewolf, Cupid is a role of his own. But in Among Us, there is no matchmaker. It is the game that decides at the beginning who will be the two lovers to form the couple! They will receive a message at the beginning of the game on a pink background, as cliché as it gets. Obviously, only the two lovers will have the information. As the saying goes, to live happily, let's live hidden! The lovers win together but die together too. If one of them gets killed (kill or vote), the second will follow him in death. Moreover, even if they are allies, the two lovers do not know the initial role of their lover.

Indeed, the role of lover can be added to the role of impostor. There is also a probability that an impostor ends up in a relationship with an innocent. This makes the game even more complex and interesting!

How to win in Cupid Among Us

  • Both lovers are crewmates (66.6% probability): the couple plays normally and does its best to protect itself. It's up to them to be effective in exposing the imposters!
  • The two lovers are a crewmate and an impostor (33.3% probability): a more tactical case where the couple must be more imaginative to win. The impostor in the couple has to get rid of the other impostor during the game (assuming you start with 2 impostors). It's cruel, but we are not far from betrayal in Among Us.
  • Both lovers are impostors (zero probability): this has never happened to us and we don't even know if it is possible. This situation lacks interest and would especially make the life of the impostors impossible.

We've reached the end of our Cupid Among Us mode guide. It should help you spice up your gaming sessions and bring some fantasy to your routine. 😜

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