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Player ID - Validate the Summoners War: Sky Arena X Lost Centuria Event

Sky Arena vent x Lost Centuria

For a few days now we have had the pleasure of discovering Summoners War: Lost Centuria and after this rush of rankings, it's time to get all the rewards of the Summoners War: Sky Arena x Lost Centuria cross event! To do this, we'll need to find the Player ID in Lost Centuria. This event is only available for 30 days (until May 31st) so don't miss it because the free rewards are really awesome: 24 mystic scrolls, 300 gems, 1 LD scroll, 1 legendary scroll, 3 elemental scrolls, a profile background, and more!

Find your Player ID in Lost Centuria

Be careful, the Lost Centuria Player ID is different from the friend ID that you can find on your profile and on your friends list (yes I was tricked too...). The Player ID can be found in your account settings.

To get there, click on the menu at the top right and then on Settings.

Menu Lost Centuria

Your Player ID is located just below your username. You can then copy it by clicking on the arrow icon next to it.

Parameters Lost Centuria

And there you have it, all you need to do is go to Summoners War.

Get rewards in Summoners War: Sky Arena

Start the game Summoners War: Sky Arena and click on the Event icon and the Cross Event banner. Then, scroll down to the section that allows you to verify your Lost Centuria account and type in your Username and Player ID:

Check the installation Lost Centuria

All that's left to do is to get your legendary scroll tfor having linked your account across both games. Now, it's time to fight! To get all the rewards available in this Sky Arena x Lost Centuria event, you will have to reach the Silver 1 rank, which requires 1800 trophies in game.

rewards Sky Arena x Lost Centuria

To ensure that you reach this rank quickly, I advise you to read our beginner's guide and all our tips on Lost Centuria. You will climb the rankings without much difficulty.

Happy farming! ⚔️

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