Advanced Warpath Tips: At the heart of the strategy

Advanced Warpath tips

Warpath is a strategy and management game in which you have to manage your army, your officers and your military base. It is a fairly simple game, but it requires a lot of time and patience! However, if you are new to this game, we advise you to first read our beginner's guide Warpath. It will help you to get familiar with the game! If you want to progress a little further and become better, we offer you our Warpath tips and tricks to progress quickly. Let's go and pay attention to our tips to be at the top!

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Tip 1: Follow the story mode missions on Warpath

Warpath is a game that runs in chapters. You have a story mode and a campaign mode. The story mode follows a chaptering that guides you in creating your base and managing your army, but also in managing your resources. Each chapter is divided into several missions to complete in order to obtain, at the end, end-of-chapter rewards . The first real tip to apply when starting in Warpath is to follow the missions in order!

This may seem logical, but to succeed in this game, you have to farm equally, on the base, on the units and on the resources. Overall, the chapters are designed to make you progress as quickly as possible. The easiest way is to follow the chapter missions to the letter! If the mission "Train such and such a unit" is placed before the mission "Build an airport", it is never by chance!

In the same vein, make sure you prioritise chapter missions over campaigns. You will often need to have completed several chapters before you are ready to run a campaign. So don't rush into campaigns at the start of the game. It is better to train your army and build your base well before embarking on such a busy mission!

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Tip 2: Playing Warpath on the PC to optimise your gaming experience

Warpath is played vertically on mobile. This is a good thing for fast forwarding through the game. It makes movement more fluid and gives you a good overview. But the best way to keep an eye on your base and the surrounding area is to play Warpath on PC! Don't worry, you can still find your mobile progress while playing on the computer.

Simply, playing Warpath on a PC allows you to have a broader view of your entire base and your troops. Playing on a computer is also more comfortable for most management games, in my opinion. On top of that, it also means that you will link your account to a social account. You will then get extra rewards when you log in.

The computer also allows you to enjoy a possibly better internet connection if you are connected with an Ethernet cable. This is because the Ethernet cable leaves no latency and improves your connection and therefore your gaming experience. The graphics are sharper and the multiplayer is more responsive. This is a big plus if, like us, you like to play within your Warpath alliances to level up quickly.

Download an Android emulator for Warpath on PC
Play Warpath on PC and optimize your gaming experience!

Tip 3: Make sure you always produce resources

Resources are super important in Warpath. So you have to ensure their production in engineering stations. In the game you can make steel, bricks, planks, cement, metal beams, concrete, etc. These materials are very useful in building your base and improving it. These materials are very useful in building your base and improving it.

To produce resources, you must first complete the missions in the early chapters to build your first basic engineering company. You can upgrade this building as the game progresses, as you advance and succeed.

You have a queue of six productions at the very beginning. So you have to make sure that you produce the materials evenly. The more you improve the base, the more materials you will have available for production. In order tospeed up the production time, you have the option of using rushes or paying for an immediate rush. Reducing the production time allows you to produce more materials in a shorter time!

Keep resource production constant! Keep producing under all circumstances. As soon as one production round is finished, move on to the next. At the same time, train your units to attack the enemies. They have resources and you can take them!

Tip 4: Don't forget to search!

You will very quickly have the opportunity to build a research centre. Yes, leading an army also means doing explorations and technological research. You can upgrade this building, which allows you to get more research areas.

For example, you can do research in the industry sector. So you have research modules such as metallurgy, oil industry, or later on steel alloys. First of all, you will learn things in the military field such as first aid, trench tactics, motorisation, etc. It takes just over three hours to complete a research session.

Research allows you togain knowledge that can be applied to your base and your army. Overall, this is the most radical way to progress. However, be patient friends! Be patient!

💡 Good to know: Searches are as important as plane explorations at the beginning of Warpath. Indeed, research is useful for obtaining new skills. But, explorations, although time consuming, are very useful to map and know the enemy territories around you.

Tip 5: Get officers to assign

Your units are led and trained by officers. Eight officers are available in the game. In order to have efficient troops, you must make sure to assign officers to your units. This is why we also advise you totrain your troops as much as possible against enemies during campaigns. When you complete a campaign, you will often gain a new officer.

These officers are able to grant additional bonuses to your units when you assign them. This aspect should not be neglected and the specifics of officers should be learned if you want to achieve an efficient composition of units for your army. Officers train your armies and therefore advance you. Advancing your units also allows them to obtain parts for troop upgrades more quickly.

Our little guide to Warpath tips is now complete! I hope you found it useful. If you have any other interesting tips to share, please leave a comment! In the world of video and mobile gaming, it's important to help and advise each other. We'll be back soon with more tips on the game Warpath. Peace!

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