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Crazy birthday party at rewardsfor the 3-year anniversary of the AFK Arena

AFK Arena Anniversary: content and rewardsfor the game's 3rd birthday

Still short of summoning scrolls during your play sessions? What better way to fill up on free rewards, in addition to the usual redemption codes, than on the anniversary of AFK Arena. Let's take a look at the gifts and events planned for the 3rd anniversary of Lilith Games' title and its 1.87 patch.

Maximum gifts for AFK Arena's birthday

The AFK Arena anniversary programme is particularly busy! In addition to the content additions and the 1.87 update, here are the AFK Arena events not to be missed until the end of April.

Programme of events and rewardsfree of charge

With 60 million installations of the title to date, many players are waiting for anniversary gifts on their account. 5 event games will help them celebrate the game's 3rd birthday.

  • Part 1 - Spring Jubilee: From 30 March to 29 April, this event changes the appearance of the buildings in the city, as you can see in the tavern. The Spring Jubilee offers you the opportunity to collect diamonds and items at each daily login.
  • Part 2 - Rewards free: 30 March to 13 April;
Free scrolls for the AKF Arena birthday event
  • Part 3 - Shop refreshment: 26 March to 2 April ;
  • Part 4 - Demonic Devastation (VoW): 26 March to 7 April;
  • Part 5 - Generous Rewards: 29 March to 6 April.

For the 3 years of AFK Arena, get no less than 100 invocations, to be collected over 3 days, simply by logging into the game, as shown in the image above.

Additional events

In addition to the five "birthday warm-up" games, as Lilith Games calls them, there are special events. The first one is a puzzle to find (April 6 to May 6). By logging in daily and completing the day's quests, you collect pieces of the puzzle in order to get a joy and celebration avatar frame.

Frame Mirth and Merriment for your adventurer profile
Cadre Mirth and Merriment AFK Arena

Adventurers can also undertake a Journey of Wonders during this festive period. Entitled The Parade, this journey sends players into the heart of the Kuilin City festival to help Rosaline. Your goal is to help prepare the banquet, in exchange for free rewardsitems such as astrologer cards.

Lost Grace event AFK Arena

In addition, Lost Glory is an opportunity to add a skin to your character deck. This event takes place from April 9 to 23 and offers you the chance to help solve the investigation into the theft of the Kheiss Rayne jewels. You will help Oscar find the thief and unlock a new skin for Baden.

Finally, to celebrate the anniversary of the game, you will be able to take part in a gathering of the heroes you have fought with throughout the year. These heroes will meet around the campfire from 9 April to 23 April.

When does the AFK Arena anniversary start?

As mentioned in the announcement tweet and as you can see in the programme of events, the AFK Arena anniversary has already started!

So log on today to get the free rewards. This will give you plenty of summoning scrolls, extra diamonds and even cosmetic items to decorate your adventurer profile.

Contents of the AFK Arena 1.87 update to celebrate the game's 3rd birthday

Hand in hand, the AFK Arena anniversary and the 1.87 update bring a wide range of content. After the temporary events, let's have a look at the long term content of the update.

Two new heroes have been added to the roster already present in-game. Indeed, you will be able to test Audrae, an agile heroine with celestial arrows, for free for three days, and discover Oku, the steel-fisted Wildling. Audrae is a DPS ranger who does AoE damage and rains down anti-heal meteorites with her ulti. Oku's gameplay mixes DPS, knock-back and taunt for a fairly aggressive Force-type hero.

New AFK Arena heroes Audrae and Oku

AFK Arena Update 1.87 also allows for the purchase of a new skin from Grezhul, the "Loyal Protector" during the Rose Event and will be added to the wardrobe once the event is over. Lucretia is also entitled to a skin, "Resplendent Dancer", available for purchase at a reduced price during the event.

Guild bosses Wrizz and Soren now have more HP so players can deal more damage and recover more rewards. Zikis as well as Elijah and Lailah and Audrae have been fixed and balanced.

You can find all the essential information about the AFK Arena anniversary event on the official Discord of the game.

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