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Clash of Clans raid weekends, Clan Capital and the Forge

Clash of Clans raid weekends, Clan Capital and the Forge May Update

Almost 9 years after its release, the first game in the Clash franchise keeps adding new content. And today Supercell has rolled out a major update with the addition of a brand new gameplay element. Let's take a look at the Clan Capital and Raid Weekends in Clash of Clans.

The Clan Capital in the new update

Before talking about the CoC raid weekends, it is necessary to start with the Clan Capital. Each clan member will be invited to participate in the construction of a collective base. To unlock it, you only need to have a TH 6 and belong to a clan of at least level 2.

From this point on, 2 new buildings will appear in your village. The Forge allows you to make jewels to improve your clan capital. To do this, you will need your workers and the resources of your choice.

The other new feature is the Airship, which leads to the clan capital. Initially, only the Capital Peak is available. This one looks like a brand new village that you will have to rebuild from scratch. By upgrading your Capital Hotel, you will unlock new districts.

Clan capital and raid weekends in Clash of Clans

Each district functions as a village in its own right, with its own buildings and of course its own defences. After all, the real interest of the clan capital lies in the Clash of Clans raid weekends.

Raid weekends in Clash of Clans

Each weekend, your clan can fight against an opposing capital. Unlike the Clan Wars, the battles do not take place in 1v1. If you attack a district of the capital without succeeding in destroying it completely, one of your clan mates can finish the job.

During your CoC raid battles, you will not use your own troops, but those of your capital city, regardless of your level. 5 attacks are available per player per raid weekend. However, if you manage to destroy a district during one of your attacks, you can get an extra attack.

At the end of the raid weekend in Clash of Clans, the more enemy districts you have destroyed, the more jewels and raid medals you will earn.

Jewels and raid medals in Clash of Clans

You will also earn other medals related to the defence of your clan capital. So don't neglect the layout of your buildings if you want to get as many rewardsas possible.

Now you know how the clan capital and raid weekends work in Clash of Clans. Now all you need to do is start building your capital to get ready for your first raid. And if you need some tips on how to better manage your troops, you can check out our Clash of Clans guides. But don't forget that the Clash universe is expanding, with Clash Mini and other games coming soon.

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