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Lost Centuria : Season 2 announcement and Rewards improvement !

Update Lost Centuria and season 2 announcement

Something very, very heavy is coming up in Lost Centuria with season 2 approaching (already) at full speed! As you know, we're on the lookout for anything new in the game. We've been following it all closely and we're recapping everything you need to know about the changes in the May 20th update. But above all, we give you a little hint about what's coming for Season 2. Be patient, you'll have to wait a few more days before you can test it all out, as Season 1 isn't over yet.

Update Lost Centuria of 20 May 2021: improved rewards

The changes in this small patch are mainly on rewards. Indeed, the rewards of the Arena and Wanted modes are improved. This is not to our displeasure! Here are the details:

  • Glorious Summoning: Legendary monster cards and normal and rare skill stone cards will be added to the glorious chests.
  • Wanted Mode: Mana Stone reward will be increased to 1000 for all battles
  • Arena: Legendary monster cards and normal and rare skill stone cards will be added to the Arena chests.
  • Rewards of accumulated stars: available up to 200 times from season 2 and will be increased to 500 mana stones for 51 times or more.

The rewards daily quests will also be improved. One reward was already changed in patch 1.1.0 Lost Centuria.

  • The reward for summoning 1 time will change: 300 mana stones -> 50 crystals.
  • The reward for performing 5 glorious summonses will change: 50 crystals -> 500 mana stones.
  • The reward for winning 1 time in Research will be changed: 10 glory medals -> 500 mana stones.

Season 2 Lost Centuria : announcements of what's to come!

2 new modes will appear: World Tournament and Brawl Mode. And some changes for the Challenge Mode with the Constraint Fighting and the Arena.

The World Tournament Lost Centuria

This mode has already appeared in-game with the previous update, but for the moment you can't play it. Indeed, it will be available in a few days, as soon as Season 2 is launched. The new feature is the "Ban & Pick" mechanic, which allows you to banish up to 2 of your opponent's monsters.
In order to participate in the World Tournament, you will need to have reached the Gold V rank. Honestly, this is very easy to do, especially if you have followed our composition advice to pass Diamond.
Note that the monsters will all be level 10 and that the skill stones will have no impact on the game. However, rune sets will be taken into account. So, as usual, you'll have to think about strategy.

The "Ban & Pick" mode will work as follows:

  • You will be able to banish or choose monsters after looking at the opponent's game before entering into battle. (you have 30 seconds)
  • Up to 2 of the opponent's monsters can be banished.
  • You then add monsters according to the number of banned monsters. You can change their position. (you have 50 seconds)
  • The choice/change of your spells can be done freely.

If you lose 5 times in total, you will not be able to continue your progress. However, there is no limit to the number of wins! 💪

Fight Mode

Brawl Mode is the fun mode! Indeed, you will be given a totally random deck. Ideal to give you new ideas of composition. All monsters will be level 10, without runes or skill stones. And to participate, you will need to have reached the Silver V rank (which means that all players will have access to it). Finally, you will get glory medals for each victory.

Improved Constraint Fighting and Arena

In order to make the matchmaking process fairer and more equitable, improvements will be made for these two game modes.
Only the effects of rune sets will be applied (the effects of skill stones will not be taken into account). Furthermore, matchmaking will be done between players with a similar number of victories.
Specific to the arena, a free entry ticket will be offered once a week, to give players who are afraid to spend 100 Crystals a chance to try out the mode each week.

Of course, as soon as Season 2 is released, we'll give you a full rundown of the contents of this update! See you soon, summoners!

Source: Developers' note Lost Centuria

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