Announcement and trailer of Marvel World of Heroes, the Avengers in AR

Marvel World of Heroes trailer in augmented reality

Augmented reality giant Niantic joins Marvel to deliver a new immersive phone game unveiled a few days ago in a trailer, Marvel: World of Heroes. At the Disney & Marvel games showcase at D23, we discover the first teasing images, the concept and some gameplay features of Marvel WOH. If you like the superhero multiverse, don't forget the TCG Marvel Snap Force that will be released soon!

Trailer Marvel WOH, become an Avenger

Obviously, as this is a Niantic game, any teasing is above all Cinematic. So this trailer from Marvel: World of Heroes focuses on the epic idea of transforming yourself into a superhero through your smartphone. Once your superpowers are activated, you will be able to participate in legendary augmented reality battles against other players.

So we know that there will be PvP on Android and iOS, probably accompanied by a group system to form your own team of supers. I can't wait to torture the world with your own group of 7 like in The Boys. I let you discover this short teaser Marvel WOH:

Designed as a social experience that will hopefully be more than just a skin superhero game on Pokémon GO, the gameplay of Marvel World of Heroes aims to allow players and their friends to come together for a common cause: fighting enemies from other dimensions.

In its press release, Niantic emphasizes the individuality of each player, who will be able to create their own superhero identity with a unique story. Then, the player puts on his costume and can patrol his neighborhood in order to decrease crime and confront super-villains. In addition to combat, each level of progression unlocks stuff, skills and potential hero allies like Captain America or Spider-man.

Release date of Marvel World of Heroes in augmented reality on mobile

With the hype around all the Niantic games, we should not forget the failures of the last few years like the mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite which had raised the hype with its video teaser but never convinced the community once released.

Be careful not to expect too much from this new game, even though Niantic has announced a release date of Marvel World of Heroes for 2023. So we'll have to wait a few more months to find out if the studio will manage to make its superhero dream a reality or fail to bring the Marvel multiverse to life on mobile. Pre-registration for Marvel WOH on Android and iOS is already open on the game's official website, and the FAQ at the bottom of the page indicates that the soft launch in certain regions will happen soon.

Finally, if you're looking for a Marvel game on mobile, the open-world Future Revolution was released a year ago on Android and iOS.

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