Launch of a new Niantic licence: Peridot

Announcement of Peridot, the new Niantic AR license for virtual animals

After the success of Pokémon GO or more recently Pikmin BloomNiantic has proven itself for several years in the market of mobile games with augmented reality using geolocation. However, these successes are largely based on existing licenses with large numbers of players on other platforms, even before their arrival on mobile. It was time for Niantic to take a step forward with a licence of its own: Peridot.

Concept of Peridot, the new Niantic license

In the same way as previous Niantic titles, Peridot will offer a gameplay between AR and geolocation. In this tamagotchi-based title, you will raise your Peridot, or Dot, a virtual creature between a puppy and a Pokémon. This one will obviously have needs to fulfill and you will have to take care of it like a real virtual pet.

You will also have to take him for a walk and let him discover new environments. He will then be able to find virtual treasures to collect while showering you with affection.

Like Pou or Nintendogs, Peridot is an opportunity for gamers in need of simple, naive companionship to adopt a small creature to make their daily lives more rewarding.

Origin of the name and pre-registration in Peridot

In terms of history, Peridot does not dig very deep. The Peridots are millennia-old creatures that have emerged from their sleep in a world that is very different from the one in which they lived. Unaccustomed to the 21st century, they will need your full attention to survive. You can then protect their species from extinction as, by keeping them happy, your creatures will choose to reproduce and expand your Peridot collection.

Pre-registration for Peridot, the new generation of AR tamagotchi game

With this new license, you may be wondering what the name of the game Peridot means? Peridot or chrysolite is a variety of olivine gemstone, a beautiful green colour. Although it is hard to see the connection with the game, the brightly coloured gems are reminiscent of the collectible creatures in this game.

However, the title is better understood by looking at the concept, with "peri" meaning "around/near" and complementing "dot", the point generally used in geolocation.

So the Peridots will soon be all around you, and always at your side, because no pet can be closer than the pocket reserved for your smartphone.

You can already pre-register for Peridot on the official website. The release date of Peridot is not yet known, but we will keep you informed of any news on this subject!

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