Pre-registration for Payday: Crime War is now open!

Pre-registration for Payday: Crime War

The Payday license has already been talked about enough since 2011 that it doesn't need to be introduced. This time, it's its mobile version, Payday: Crime War, that's making the mobile news. As of today, you can pre-register for the beta of the game on Android for early December.

Payday: Crime War returns to mobile

There were many pitfalls for this spin-off of Payday on mobile. Initially cancelled for financial reasons, Payday: Crime War announced its return last April on Twitter. The return of the game's development was only possible thanks to theagreement signed between Starbreeze and PopReach, while the title had been abandoned in 2019.

Pre-register for Payday: Crime War

Heisters, Payday fans, you are in for a treat. By pre-registering now on the game's official website, you may be able to access the Payday: Crime War closed beta. There, you will have to answer a few questions before joining the waiting list. Please note that pre-registering does not guarantee participation in the beta.

Since the first version never made it out of beta, it will be interesting to see if Payday: Crime War makes it past that stage! The game will feature co-op heists inherited from Payday 2. In addition, you will also be able to participate in 4v4 multiplayer, hopefully the servers will hold! Until December 6th 2021, you can check out our top 10 mobile FPS.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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