Play the Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link beta on mobile

Register to play the Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link beta

While it won't be a gift to put under the tree, you may be able to play the Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link mobile beta that's on the horizon. This closed test offered by Square Enix comes with new visuals for the upcoming mobile KH on Android and iOS. And if the beta is approaching, the release date of Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link is not far away too! Find out how to participate in the test KH phases in this article.

Prototype announcement Test for Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link

Remember, for the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts license, Square Enix decided to unveil new KH games in order to tease the interest of its fans. In addition to KH 4, we learned about a future mobile Kingdom Hearts called Missing-Link. And Square Enix's calendar is finally revealing a little more about it!

Visual prototype test KH mobile

The Japanese video game developer and publisher has just announced a new "Prototype Test" closed on mobile. A new visual presentation is also proposed with this mobile beta announcement, as you can see above.

How to play the Kingdom Hearts beta on mobile?

While we still don't know the release date of the KH mobile game, a beta is more than welcome. Are you looking for how to participate, how to register and when you can play? To join the Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link beta, you have to register via Square Enix Members right here. The private circle of beta testers only accepts players living in Japan, over 18 years old, who will validate the terms of use of the site and the game.

How to play the Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link beta on iOS

Registration for the Kingdom Hearts mobile beta is already open and will close on December 26 at midnight (Japanese time). The beta of KH: Missing-Link is available on iOS but the full game should be released on Android as well. Only 1,000 players will be selected for this test. If you are one of the selected players, you will be able to participate in the beta from January 13 to 18, 2023.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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