Release date known for Inked: A Tale of Love

Inked cover: release on 24 February

The release of Inked: a Tale of Love has taken its time but is finally coming to iOS and Android! While this mobile puzzle game has been on our pre-registration list for a long time, it's been a bit delayed but will finally hit our phones on February 24th. It promises to be a treat for the eyes. Inked features minimalist pencil graphics that look great if you believe the trailer. Accompanied by a sensitive soundtrack, the game will immerse you in a colourful and immersive adventure.

What to expect when Inked is released

The mobile release of Inked: a Tale of Love follows a port from the PC version (released in 2018). The transition took longer than expected and explains the slight delay (the mobile game was originally scheduled for release in January).
In Inked, you play as a wandering samurai. He is looking for his beloved, Aiko. In order to reunite the two lovebirds, a long quest awaits you where you will have to solve a whole bunch of puzzles and riddles. In all, 9 chapters will be presented to you and the developers estimate an adventure of 4 hours of play.

Release of the mobile game Inked
The adventure is soothing.

In the shop, Inked is priced at 3.49 euros. A price that does not really correspond to the standards of mobile games, especially if its longevity does not exceed 4 hours. But the price remains honest, considering the work of Adam, the artist who designed the game.

Please note: fluency in English is required!

For those who were seduced by the graphics and the scenario of Inked, beware however. The game is only playable in English... For the moment, the release of Inked in French is not planned. So you'll have to be patient and keep your fingers crossed or take intensive courses in the language of Shakespeare!

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