Release of Ex Astris: Investigators, save the Shadow and the Light

Release of Ex Astris

Ex Astris hits your mobile screens today. Look out for a slap in the face with this new 3D "hybrid" turn-based RPG, combining narrative passages and fast-paced gameplay! What can we expect from this Hypergryph title? Will this premium game live up to our expectations? Here's all the information you need to know for the release of Ex Astris, so get on board now and discover the secrets of Allindo.

What does Ex Astris have in store for you?

Does Ex Astris sound vaguely familiar? No wonder: this is the new title from Hypergryph, developers of Arknights (no less!). The fruit of collaboration with Gryphline and Nous Wave Studio, this premium game is available for £9.99. A crossover with Arknights has also been announced for the release of Ex Astris, to get exclusive items!

Release of Ex Astris and Arknights crossover

The story of Ex Astris is very solid and complex. That's to be expected from a game that's billed by its publisher as a narrative experience! Allindo is a threatened planet, home to two opposing civilisations: Doran, with perpetual daylight, and Shadaraa, plagued by eternal darkness. With the help of a taciturn investigator, discover all the secrets of this planet and avoid the destruction and annihilation of its inhabitants.

Release of Ex Astris: ultra-complete gameplay

Hypergryph has not only pulled out all the stops visually, it has also developed an extraordinarily complete game. Ex Astris is a 3D turn-based RPG... but with a twist! Battles are not exclusively turn-based, but also in real time with the Obsucran Maneuvrer, a unique system that brings a huge amount of dynamism to the confrontations.

The Obsucran Maneuvrer is in fact Ex Astris's parrying method: when it's your enemy's turn to attack, use this evasive technique at the right moment to avoid taking any damage. Fight with two characters and string together combos for even more damage.

Example of an Ex Astris battle

Exploration is very important in Ex Astris, just as it is in Genshin Impact. Your quests take you all over the vast planet, where you can fight more battles, increase your experience, find materials for crafts and collect souvenirs. It's impossible to get bored!

As you explore, you'll also meet new characters, with their own backgrounds and skills, to complete your team and move the story forward in narrative episodes. Along the way, you'll come into contact with people from many different cultures, adding even more depth to the universe.

Level upgrade for your Yan Ex Astris character

Crafting and alchemy, other more classic aspects of RPG gameplay, allow you to increase the levels of your items, create new recipes to improve your abilities and heal the planet. It may seem complex at first, but the tutorial guides you step by step.

As well as the crafting possibilities, solving riddles and different types of puzzles is also part of the gameplay of Ex Astris and gives the game a different rhythm, allowing you to continue your investigation without getting bored.

Example of Ex Astris Puzzle gameplay

The release of Ex Astris is full of surprises! Has all this whetted your appetite? Follow the links below to download Ex Astris, currently only available on Android, iOS and PC. What's more, the game is cross-platform, meaning you can pick up your progress on mobile or PC!

Languages and config of Ex Astris: a few fly in the ointment

There are a few drawbacks to the release of Ex Astris, not least the language. The only versions currently available are in English, Japanese and Korean. It's a shame, for such a gripping story!

Another major obstacle is the technical specifications. We were told that Android 7 and iPhone 8 were the minimum requirements, but in the end the recommendations are Android 9 and iPhone 13. That's enough to lose a lot of players. And finally, it may be a minor detail, but theabsence of PVP can be detrimental to the gameplay and can quickly bore the most competitive players, depending on your preferences.

So now you know the broad outlines of Ex Astris' release. You've got everything you need to start exploring Allindo. Tell us your first impressions in the comments!

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