Release of Rainbow SIX: SMOL, an official R6 game in Paper Mario mode

Release of Rainbow SIX: SMOL as a Netflix mobile game

Rainbow Six Mobile is gradually being released around the world, and although gamers are eagerly awaiting its arrival in the major regions of the West, we know that it will take several months. However, Tom Clancy's shooter licence is not leaving its fans out in the cold, with the release of Rainbow Six: SMOL as part of the Netflix premium catalogue.

R6 SMOL comes to Android and iOS with cute graphics

Rainbow Six: SMOL is the result of a collaboration between Ubisoft and Netflix. After Ubisoft and Skybound Entertainment's partnership yesterday with the release of Invincible: Guarding the Globe on phones, it's R6's turn to shine.

Don't be surprised if this game goes off the beaten track: SMOL, which stands for "small and cute", is the watchword of this new opus. Agents and scenery swap their semi-realistic appearance for sticker silhouettes and bright colours.

In terms of gameplay, things are changing too. Forget high-pressure multiplayer matches. Here, you take command of a squad of agents in a roguelite isometric view. The destructible environments, especially the entrance doors, invite you to silently enter places to infiltrate or blow things up, depending on your preferred modus operandi. For the release of Rainbow SIX: SMOL, you'll be reunited with well-known operators with tactical skills to develop.

As you progress through the missions, you'll unlock more agents and more stuff to equip them with. It's up to you to prepare the whole squad to achieve good results in single-player PvE.

Release of Rainbow SIX: SMOL : gameplay on Android and iOS

In R6 SMOL, each mission represents a different level of challenge. There are hundreds of enemies to face and several different types of operation, including rescue, extraction, bomb defusing and other dangers in the face of a strange cult. You can't win every time. So die, recruit, and repeat until you do. The infernal roguelite loop is waiting for you.

The release of Rainbow Six: SMOL is now available as a free download

The release of Rainbow Six: SMOL as a new R6 mobile game is an opportunity to open the doors of the Tom Clancy universe to a wider audience, less inclined towards realistic tactical simulations, and perhaps more casual, according to the Game Director's statements to The Verge.

Today, the game is available ad-free and without integrated chat on Android and iOS via the Netflix games catalogue. All you need is a standard Netflix account to play.

Rainbow Six: SMOL release icon
Rainbow Six: SMOL

While the US SVOD service has so far managed to stand out by offering mobile ports of recent must-have indie games such as Into the Breach, Spiritfarer and Before Your Eyes, now it's the turn of the big licences to join the catalogue with the release of Rainbow SIX: SMOL and the addition of GTA Trilogy at the end of 2023.

Exclusives add value to the subscription, so the arrival of R6 SMOL with its colourful, cartoonish style is a great move on Netflix's part.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.
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