TERA: Endless War, new mobile MMORPG released

TERA: Endless War mobile release

Game studio Joycity knows the recipe for success and it would be wrong to change a winning team. The TERA MMORPG community counts more than 20 million players worldwide. Very active and loyal, it should be very interested in the new mobile game of the saga, TERA: Endless War. Available on iOS and Android, almost everyone will be able to play the game as it has been released in over 170 countries. Fans of the franchise have been eagerly awaiting this game and within a month of pre-registration, they had already registered 2 million . We hope for them that they will not be disappointed!

Joycity did not, however, take many risks. The mobile game TERA: Endless War uses the 7 races and 8 classes from the original game. It therefore offers a spin-off The game has been designed to appeal to fans who are already committed to the game.

The game teaser.

TERA: Endless War, a good strategy game on mobile

For those unfamiliar with the TERA games, the franchise is characterised by a strong strategic dimension. TERA: Endless War remains in the same vein and allows you to experience battles as epic as they are strategic from your mobile. The most sceptical will surely think that the mobile support (smaller screen, less powerful processor) limits the quality and comfort of the game.
But, honestly, considering the various gameplay videos already released, the rendering is of high level. The hexagon map is very readable and we would even go so far as to say that it is even more intuitive on mobile than on PC. So there's no excuse if you can't defend Arborea from invading Gargoyle troops.

The community appreciates this map which offers a global vision. It allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a strategist who advances his troops on the battlefield to achieve his goals. What are your favourite strategies 😉

TERA: Endless War mobile gameplay

A very high standard of play

So far, much has been said about this mobile game. But with the release of TERA: Endless War also comes a lot of pressure. Danny Noss, Joycity 's relationship manager, is aware of this. He assures us that in addition to the high quality graphics, the game should be perfectly fluid thanks to the Unreal Engine 4.

In any case, we advise you to play the game quickly. As many players have pre-registered, the game studio has decided to thank the community. All new players will receive the character Arin as a gift for their pleasure.

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