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TFT patch 12.12: set 7 first update

TFT patch 12.12, set 7 first update

Two weeks after set 7 release, TFT patch 12.12 brings many balancing changes. As is common at the beginning of a set, some compositions TFTs stand out and are played in every game. Let's take a look at the changes to traits, champions, items and Augments.

TFT patch 12.12: set 7 main changes

As usual, TFT patch 12.12 details have been revealed on Stephen Mortimer, lead designer of TFT, aka Mortdog YouTube channel.

The main observation of these first two weeks of set 7 on the live servers is compositions reroll omnipresence. These compositions aim to quickly upgrade champions to 3 stars such as Nidalee, Ezreal or Sett for units costing 1, but also Illaoi, Varus, Olaf or Diana for characters costing 3.

If you have played a bit during these TFT set 7 first two weeks, you have probably come across the best composition TFT of the current meta: Bruiser / Scalescorn with Olaf and Diana. To counter this, both champions and their traits have been drastically penalized.

Diana and Olaf's nerf in TFT patch 12.12

Legend class, which the developers felt was underused, has been improved, as have two of its units: Volibear and Anivia. Ragewing trait also benefits from a substantial buff that should reawaken interest in these champions. Shimmerscale trait has undergone a complete overhaul that will reduce its effectiveness, while Corki will regain strength with the redesign of his skill and the buff of Cannoneer trait.

In total, 30 champions and 16 traits have been buffed or nerfed. So much so that it could completely disrupt the TFT meta. But let's look at TFT patch 12.12 changes in detail.

TFT patch 12.12: traits changes

Traits buffs

TraitsTFT patch 12.12 buffs
Cannoneer Icon TFT Trait
Area damage bonus increases from 150/175/225/275% to 150/200/250/300%.
Astral Icon TFT Trait
AP bonus increases from 60 to 70 for the 9 Astral.
Ragewing Icon TFT Trait
Attack speed increases from 50/150/250% to 60/125/225% and omnivampirism from 30/50/80% to 30/50/70%.
Warrior Icon TFT trait
Damage bonus for 6 Warriors increases from 300% to 350%.
Legend Icon TFT Trait
Legends' AP theft is increased from 40% to 50%.

Traits nerfs

TraitsTFT patch 12.12 nerfs
Assassin Icon TFT trait
Critical damage bonus is reduced from 20/40/60% to 15/30/50%.
Scalescorn Icon TFT Trait
Damage bonus for two champions of this trait is increased from 25% to 20%.
Bruiser Icon TFT Trait
Bonus HP is reduced from 200/350/500/800 to 200/325/450/700.
Dragon Icon TFT trait
Dragon bonus is reduced from 750 to 700 HP.
Trainer Icon TFT traitTrainerThe chance of giving an extra Snax is reduced to 65% from 100%.
Guardian Icon TFT Trait
The shield is slightly reduced for the 4 guardians from 50% to 45% of maximum HP.
Shimmerscale Icon TFT Trait
The number of items is reduced from 1/2/3/4 to 1/2/4/5, the Draven's Axe gold coins from 10 to 8, the Mogu's Mail gold coins from 4 to 3 and the Gambler's Blade proc from 5% to 6%.
Shapeshifter Icon TFT Trait
Bonus HP is reduced from 50/500/150% to 45/90/135%.
Mirage Icon TFT Trait
Mirage healing is reduced from 50/75/75 x 2/150 x 2% of max HP to 40/70/70 x 2/125 x 2% of max HP.
Swiftshot Icon TFT Trait
Attack speed bonus per hex of distance is reduced from 12/25/40% to 10/20/40%.

TFT patch 12.12: champions changes

Champion buffs

ChampionsTFT patch 12.12 buffs
Anivia Champion TFT icon
Spell damage increases from 300/400/600 to 325/450/700.
Corki Champion TFT icon
The Big One explodes at the target location rather than flying around endlessly.
Icon Jinx Champion TFT
Mana drops from 50/120 to 50/100.
Lee Sin Champion TFT icon
Lee Sin
His spell damage increases from 275/325/425 to 300/375/500, but his mana increases from 0/70 to 40/10.
Icon Swain Champion TFT
Spell damage increases from 70/110/160 to 75/115/175.

Champions Nerfs

ChampionsTFT patch 12.12 nerfs
Ao Shin Champion TFT Icon
Ao Shin
His HP is reduced from 950 to 900.
Aurelion Sol Champion TFT icon
Aurelion Sol
His HP is reduced from 950 to 900.
Diana Champion TFT icon
Orb damage is reduced from 100/110/120 to 80/90/100 and increases with power. His shield has been corrected and no longer stacks.
Icon Ezreal Champion TFT
Spell damage is reduced from 175/250/350 to 150/225/300.
Icon Heimerdinger Champion TFT
His mana is reduced from 40/80 to 50/100, his spell damage from 225/300/400 to 225/325/450 and the stun time remains at 1.5 seconds regardless of his star count.
Icon Illaoi Champion TFT
Armor and magic resist theft is reduced from 40% to 33%.
Icon Leona Champion TFT
His HP is reduced from 700 to 650.
Icon Lulu Champion TFT
His mana increases from 70/140 to 75/150.
Nami Champion TFT Icon
His mana increases from 40/80 to 50/90.
Nunu Champion TFT icon
Spell damage is reduced from 900 to 800 in 3 stars.
Olaf Champion TFT icon
AD is reduced from 60 to 50.
Ryze Champion TFT icon
His HP increases from 650 to 600 and spell damage based on his max mana decreases from 200/300/500% to 175/250/400%.
Sett Champion TFT icon
AD spell scaling is reduced from 170% to 150%.
Shen Champion TFT Icon
His mana increases from 60/90 to 60/105.
Icon Tahm Kench Champion TFT
Tahm Kench
Shield is reduced from 425 to 350 in 3 stars.
Volibear Champion TFT icon
Attack speed increases from 0.7 to 0.75, his spell damage from 160/175/190 to 170/180/190, and his bonus HP when he transforms from 375/650/1200 to 550/1000/1800.
Xayah Champion TFT Icon
The number of feathers per attack is increased from 2/2/5 to 2/2/4 and the damage per feather from 15/25/75 to 15/20/70.
Yasuo Champion TFT Icon
Third cast scaling is reduced from 300% to 250%.

Champion adjustments

ChampionsTFT patch 12.12 adjustments
Daeja Champion TFT icon
Attack speed goes from 0.8 to 0.6, his mana from 90/120 to 0/100 and his spell damage from 100/175/1000 to 225/350/1500. His passive is no longer linked to his spell, but damage increases from 30/55/200 to 55/85/300.
Karma Champion TFT iconKarmaSpell damage is reduced from 225/300/375 to 200/275/350, but his blast hits multiple targets more easily.
Shyvana Champion TFT icon
Spell duration increases from 1 to 3 seconds, the time between damage from 0.25 to 0.5 seconds, his mana from 0/30 to 45/75. The first spell triggers Flame Breath as soon as it lands, which is no longer static, but moves in a cone. If there are no enemies in the cone, Shyvana turns around. Using the spell automatically enrages Shyvana.
Sylas Champion TFT icon
First spell cast no longer increases the mana cost of enemy units, but provides him with a shield. When he wears a shield, spell range is increased and enemies hit receive an increase in their mana cost. His mana increases from 50/100 to 60/120, his spell damage from 150/225/350 to 100/150/200 and his shield from 700/750/800 to 300/350/400, but can now be stacked.
Icon Talon Champion TFT
Spell's bugs have been fixed and his blade damage bonus has been reduced from 100/100/200% to 75/75/200%.
Thresh Champion TFT icon
Spell hook target is determined before the start of the fight, which may therefore include Cavalier placed at the ends of the field.
Zoe Champion TFT icon
Stun time of her tornadoes is reduced from 1.5 to 1.25 seconds. Daisy is no longer summoned to Zoe's location, but to the target's location.

TFT patch 12.12: Augments changes

Augments buffs

AugmentsTFT patch 12.12 buffs
Astral Heart Icon Augment
Heart of Cosmic
Change of tier: Gold ⇒ Silver
Reckless Spending Icon Augment TFT
Reckless spending
Damage boost is increased from 40% to 50%.
Essence Theft Icon Augment
Essence Theft
Mana theft increases from 4 to 5.
Inspire icon Augment
Attack speed increases from 60% to 70%.
Binary Airdrop Icon Augment
Binary Airdrop
You also gain a random item component.
Party Time! icon Augment
Party Time
Attack speed increases from 75% to 80%.
Radiant Relics Icon Augment
Radiant Relics
You can choose between 5 objects instead of 4.
Ricochet Icon Augment
The damage reduction of the ricochet is reduced from 66% to 50%.
Built Different III icon Augment
Built Different
Improvement effect increases during the game.

Augments nerfs

AugmentsTFT patch 12.12 nerfs
Ascension Icon Augment
Change of tier: Silver ⇒ Gold
Scorch icon Augment
The damage increase is reduced from 40% to 33%.
Luden's Echo Icon Augment
Luden's Echo
Damage is reduced from 70/90/110/130 to 60/80/100/120 in Silver, from 100/125/150/175 to 85/110/135/160 in Gold and from 140/180/220/260 to120/160/200/240 in Prismatic.

Titanic Strengh
HP conversion to attack damage is reduced from 2% to 1.5%.
Double Trouble III Icon Augment
Double Trouble
Damage, power, armour and magic resistance bonuses are increased from 55 to 50 in prismatic.
Meditation III Icon Augment
Mana regeneration increases from 5 to 4 in Silver, from 7 to 6 in Gold and from 70 to 8 in Prismatic.
The Golden Egg Icon Augment
The Golden Egg
Hatching takes place after 11 rounds instead of 10.
Second WInd icon Augment
Second Wind
Healing is reduced from 50% to 40% in Silver and from 75% to 60% in Gold.

Augments adjustments

AugmentsTFT patch 12.12 adjustments
Jade Crown Icon Augment
Jade Soul
You also gain a Titan's Resolve instead of a Giant Slayer.
Cannoneer Crown Icon Augment
Cannoneer Crown
You also gain a Runaan's Hurricane instead of an Ionic Spark.

True Twos
You win a cost 1 random 2-star champion and a 2 cost random 2-star champion.
Cruel Pact Icon Augment
Cruel Pact
Can only appear in round 2-1.
Trade Sector icon Augment
Trade Sector+
You also get 5 gold coins in addition to the free refreshment per round.

TFT patch 12.12: changes to objects

The nerves of objects

ObjectsTFT patch 12.12 nerfs
Deathblade item TFT icon
Attack damage bonus is reduced from 40/70/100 to 40/60/80.
Sunfire Cape item TFT icon
Sunfire Cape
The VP bonus is reduced from 800 to 600.

That's it for TFT patch 12.12 changes. It remains to be seen in the coming days how these buffs and nerfs will change the TFT meta. For more tips and tricks on the game, please visit our TFT page.

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