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TFT Patch 13.13: the first set 9 major update

TFT Patch 13.13: the first set 9 major update

After a timid previous patch, TFT patch 13.13 applies the first major changes of set 9, with buffs, nerfs and adjustments to numerous traits, champions, augments and items. Let's find out in detail what this update has in store for us, and analyze the impact these changes will have on the TFT meta.

TFT patch 13.13: set 9 traits changes

We begin the changes to TFT patch 13.13 with the set 9 traits. The Shurima and Void champions will be balanced, while the Piltover T-Hex will be less powerful, but will bring in more money on resale. See our guide for more information on the TFT Set 9 traits.

TFT Traits buffs in patch 13.13

TraitsPatch 13.13 TFT traits buffs
Slayer TFT trait icon
The damage threshold is raised from 60% to 75%.
Challenger TFT icon
Attack speed bonus increased from 30/60/90/130% to 30/60/95/140%.
Ionia TFT set 9 trait icon
Stats bonuses increase from 100/200/300% to 100/200/325%.
Strategist TFT trait icon
The shield is slightly improved from 200/350/500/700 to 200/350/500/800, as is the power bonus, which increases from 20/30/45/60 to 20/30/50/70.
Targon TFT set 9 trait icon
HP and shield bonus increased from 18/30/50% to 20/40/70%.

Traits adjustments

TraitsTFT feature adjustments in patch 13.13
Void TFT trait icon
Herault of the Rift's base damage is increased from 180 to 225. Baron Nashor's maximum HP is reduced from 1050 to 1000, and his bite damage from 1000 to 666.
Piltover TFT trait icon
The T-Hex's HP is reduced from 80 to 65 per power, its base resistance from 20 to 15 and its leveling up from 70 to 105. On the other hand, it offers more gold coins for resale, depending on energy:
9to 12 energies: from 8 to 10 gold coins
13 to 17 energies: from 13 to 15 gold coins
18 to 23 energies: 19 to 22 gold coins
24 to 29 energies: 27 to 30 gold coins
30 to 36 energies: 38 to 42 gold coins
37 to 44 energies: 51 to 55 gold coins
45 to 51 energies: 65 to 70 gold coins
Shurima TFT trait icon
The Solar Disk is now added to the second wave of Ascension healing instead of replacing it when you have 3 or 5 Shurimas. With 7, the ascent bonus is improved by 20%. Finally, with 9 units of the trait, ascension occurs a second time after 8 seconds, but the ascension power of the 9 Shurimas is reduced from 125% to 25%.
Zaun TFT trait icon
Several chem-mods have been modified:
Adaptive Implant: overload bonus reduced from 100% to 60%.
Hextech Exoskeleton: armor and magic resistance bonus increased from 33 to 30.
Robotic Arm: appearance chance increased from 33% to 60% and overload bonus increased from 40% to 50%.
Virulent Bioware: damage bonus reduced from 25% to 20%.

TFT patch 13.13: set 9 champions changes

On the champions' side, this TFT patch 13.13 brings several changes to counter the best TFT set 9 comps, such as the nerf of GarenAphelios and Tristana.

TFT patch 13.13: Shen buff

Watch out for the Shen and Taricbuffs, which, combined with the Targon trait, form a formidable defensive duo when placed in front of Deadeye or Invokers.

TFT patch 13.13 : champions buffs

ChampionsTFT champion buffs in patch 13.13
Kayle TFT set 9 icon
Its damage is increased from 28/40/60 to 33/44/66.
Icon Orianna TFT set 9
Spell shield is increased from 225/250/275 to 225/250/325, as is spell damage from 180/270/405 to 190/285/430.
Ashe TFT icon set 9
Spell damage increases from 110% to 125/125/130% of attack damage.
Icon Galio TFT set 9
His spell damage reduction increases from 20% to 20/20/25%.
Sett TFT set 9 icon
The bonus with the Ionia trait increases from 180 to 200 HP.
Icon Taric TFT set 9
His mana increases from 40/100 to 40/90.
Icon Kaï'Sa TFT set 9
His mana drops from 50/120 to 40/110.
Icon Gwen TFT set 9
Its HP increases from 900 to 1000 and its spell damage from 95/140/400 to 100/150/400.
Sejuani TFT icon set 9
The gross damage of its passive is improved from 1.5/1.5/5% to 1.5/1.5/10% and its spell damage from 150/225/1000 to 160/240/1200.
Shen icon TFT set 9
Spell damage increases from 225/355/1600 to 240/360/2000 and ally shield from 250/350/1500 to 275/350/1800.
Aatrox TFT set 9 icon
Its HP are increased from 1000 to 1100.
Bel'Veth TFT icon set 9
Its HP are increased from 1000 to 1100 and its mana from 0/70 to 0/55.

Champions Nerfs

ChampionsTFT champion nerfs from patch 13.13
Teemo TFT set 9 icon
Spell damage is reduced from 210/2/315/485/485 to 200/300/465/465.
Icon Tristana TFT set 9
Mega Shot now triggers after 10 attacks instead of 8.
Kled TFT icon set 9
His personal shield is reduced from 40% to 30%.
Taliyah TFT icon set 9
His basic spell damage drops from 160/240/375 to 150/225/350, as does rock damage, from 125/190/300 to 125/190/290.
Icon Ekko TFT set 9
Her spell's damage-dependent healing bonus is reduced from 30% to 20%.
Icon Garen TFT set 9
The number of attacks per rotation on itself is reduced from 2 to 1.8, its attack speed per turn is increased from 0.5 to 0.55 and the damage bonus is reduced from 70/75/80% to 70/72/75%.
Aphelios TFT set 9 icon
Chakram damage reduced from 10/10/40% to 8/8/40%.

Champion adjustments

ChampionsTFT champion adjustments in patch 13.13
Sona TFT set 9 icon
Spell damage is reduced from 115/175/285 to 105/155/255, while the attack speed bonus is increased from 25/30/40% to 30/35/40%.
Zeri TFT set 9 icon
Overload damage reduced from 65/65/100% to 50/50/100%. Spell duration increased from 5 to 6 seconds, but enemies killed no longer reset the duration.
Ryze TFT set 9 icon
Several Ryze variants undergo changes:
Bandle city: his mana increases from 40/90 to 50/75. If you have no units on your bench, Ryze summons a random rare champion from the store.
Shadow Isles: Ryze scores 1/1/10 souls from the closest allies to be claimed by Dark Islands. When he dies, he returns to the field with 40/60/100% of his max HP. If all allies are marked by Ryze, he resurrects one dead ally.
Piltover: his mana drops from 40/110 to 30/100, and his spell targets the largest group of enemies.
Targon: the targets of Ryze's spell are no longer stunned, but suffer a 0.25-second lift in the air.

TFT patch 13.13: set 9 augments changes

This TFT patch 13.13 is most extensive in terms of augments, with over a hundred modified optimizations. It's hard to estimate the impact of these changes, but it's certain that most augments are not yet in their final version. Go to our TFT Set 9 augments tier list to find out about all the optimizations and their effects.

TFT augments buffs in patch 13.13

AugmentsTFT increase buffs in patch 13.13
Icon Buried Treasures III legends augments TFT set 9
Buried treasures I/II/III
All tiers give a gold coin with each component. A component is now earned as soon as the augment is obtained.
Teaming Up III Legends Augment TFT Set 9 icon
Seeing Double I/II/III
This augment now yields 1/1/2 random items made from the same two components and 1/8/3 gold coins.
Balanced Budget III icon
Balanced Budget I/II/III
Bonus gold coins increase from 4/6/10 to 5/8/12.
Final Ascension TFT set 9 Augment icon
Final Ascension
Basic damage bonus reduced from 18% to 15%.
Icon Knowledge download III legend augments TFT set 9
Knowledge Download I/II/III
Bonus experience points increase from 12/22/36 to 16/24/40.
It Pays To Learn III Icon legends augments TFT set 9
It Pays to Learn II/III
The bonus of gold coins and experience points is improved from 14/20 to 18/24.
Money Money Money! TFT Augment icon
Money! I/II/III
Bonus gold coins increase from 9/16/22 to 12/20/30.
Rolling For Days III Legends Augment TFT Set 9 icon
Rolling for Days I/II/III
The number of free store refreshments increases from 10/18/25 to 14/21/35.
Small Forge Legends Augment TFT Set 9 icon
Small Forge
Bonus gold coins reduced from 8 to 6.
Icon Tiny Power I augment TFT set 9
Tiny Power I
The bonus to power damage and attack speed is increased from 5/8/11 to 8/11/18.
Training Reward III augment TFT icon
Training Reward I/II/III
Bonus gold coins increase from 5/13/18 to 7/15/24.
Well-Earned Comforts III augments
Well-Earned Comforts II
The number of VPs per item has been increased from 90 to 111.
Army building icon augment TFT
Army construction
The time limit for receiving the second, lower Champion Duplicator is reduced from 8 to 7 turns.
Bronze ticket icon augment TFT
Bronze ticket
The number of store refreshes required to earn a free refresh is reduced from 5 to 4.
All Natural I augment TFT icon
All Natural I
VPs gained by units without items increase from 75 to 120.
Icon Component buffet augment TFT
Component Buffet
With TFT set 9 patch 13.13, this augment now gives an additional random component.
Jeweled Lotus I TFT set 9 Augment icon
Jeweled Lotus I
Critical hit chance increased from 25% to 50%.
Spoils of War I Legends Augment TFT Set 9 icon
Spoils of War I
The chance of obtaining loot increases from 20% to 25%.
Ancient Archives Icon Augment
Ancient Archives I
Bonus gold coins increase from 2 to 3.
Caretaker's Favor Legends Augment TFT Set 9 icon
Caretaker's Favor
You now earn a component anvil when you reach levels 5, 6, 7 and 8.
Infusion icon augment TFT
Mana recovered every 5 seconds increases from 15 to 20.
Jeweled Lotus II icon Augment
Jeweled Lotus II
Critical hit chance increases from 10% to 15%.
Medium-End Shopping icon augment TFT
Medium-End Shopping
This increase also offers 3 gold coins.
Gargantuan Resolve augment TFT icon
Ravenous Hunter
The damage and power bonus per stack increases from 3 to 6 and can be accumulated up to 50 instead of 25.
Return on investment icon increased TFT
Return on investment
The number of store refreshments required to unlock the Tactician's Crown has been reduced from 25 to 22.
Scoped Weapons TFT set 9
Scoped Weapons TFT set 9
Attack speed bonus increased from 12% to 15%.
Stars are Born Legends Augment TFT Set 9 icon
Stars are born
You also earn 3 gold coins.
Icon Stellacorn's Blessing augment TFT
Stellacorn's Blessing
Attack speed bonus increased from 30% to 45%.
Spoils of War II Legends Augment TFT Set 9 icon
Spoils of War II
The chance of obtaining loot increases from 33% to 35%.
Icon The Boss augment TFT
The Boss
Attack power and speed bonus increased from 20 to 30.
Trade Sector icon Augment
Trade Sector
You also earn 2 gold coins.
Ancient Archives II icon Augment TFT patch 13.12
Ancient Archives II
Bonus gold coins increase from 3 to 5.
Birthday Present icon augment TFT
Birthday Present
You also earn a gold coin when you level up.
Caretaker's Chosen Legends Augment TFT Set 9 icon
Caretaker's Chosen
You now gain a component anvil at level 4, a full item anvil at level 6, and a light item armory at level 8.
Final Reserves icon augment TFT
Final Reserves
Gold coin bonus increased from 25 to 40.
Hedge Fund augment TFT set 9 icon
Hedge Fund
Bonus gold coins increase from 18/27/40 to 22/32/44.
Living Forge Icon Augment
What The Forge
You gain an anvil of Ornn items instead of a random Ornn item.
Spoils of War III Legends Augment TFT Set 9 icon
Spoils of War III
The chance of obtaining loot increases from 40% to 45%.
Wandering Trainer augment TFT
Wandering Trainer
You also earn 4 gold coins.

Augments nerfs

AugmentsTFT augmentation nerves from patch 13.13
Battle Ready III augment TFT icon
Battle Ready I/II/III
Damage bonus and damage reduction reduced from 4/7/10% to 3/6/8%.
Icon Giant Grab Bag augment
Giant Grab Bag
Bonus gold coins reduced from 18 to 15.
Medium Forge Legends Augment TFT Set 9 icon
Medium Forge
The bonus of gold coins decreases from 12 to 10.
Partial Ascension Augment icon
Partial Ascension
Damage bonus reduced from 33% to 30%.
Well-Earned Comforts III augments
Well-Earned Comforts III
Attack speed bonus per item reduced from 10% to 8%.
Latent Forge Legends Augment TFT Set 9 icon
Latent Forge
Ornn's item anvil arrives after 8 battles with players instead of 7.
On a Roll Legends Augment TFT Set 9 icon
On a Roll
This bonus is limited to 2 store refreshments per turn.
Red Buff icon augment TFT
Red Buff
Burn duration is reduced from 8 to 5 seconds.
Unburdened I icon augment TFT
Reduced burden I
Attack speed bonus for units without adjacent allies reduced from 35% to 30%.
Unified Resistance I icon augment TFT
Unified Resistance I
The bonus reduces armor and magic resistance from 25 to 20.
A Cut Above icon augment TFT
A Cut Above
The chance of earning a gold coin by killing an enemy drops from 50% to 40%.
Adrenaline Rush icon augment TFT
Adrenaline Rush
Max damage bonus reduced from 30% to 25%.
Built Different icon Augment TFT patch 13.12
Built Different II
Attack speed bonus reduced from 35/45/55/65% to 30/35/40/50%.
Combat Caster Augment TFT icon
Combat Caster
The shield is reduced from 100/130/160/190 to 90/115/145/170.
Dueling Gunners icon augment TFT
Duelist gunners
The base attack speed bonus is reduced from 15% to 10% and the additional attack speed per stack from 3% to 2%.
Icon Gifts from the Fallen augment TFT
Gifts from the Fallen
Statistics bonuses are reduced from 5 to 4.
Glacial Breeze icon augment TFT
Glacial Breeze
Shield reduced from 20% to 15% of max HP.
Idealism augment TFT
Damage bonus reduced from 18% to 15%.
Long Distance Pals icon augment TFT
Long Distance Pals
The rate of shared statistics is reduced from 35% to 30%.
Icon Loving Invocation augment TFT
Loving Invocation
The power bonus per spell is reduced from 3 to 2.5.
Martyr icon augment TFT
Healing increases from 12% to 10% of max HP.
Icon Morning Light augment TFT
Morning Light
Healing is reduced from 60% to 40% of max HP.
Overcharged Manafont augment TFT icon
Overcharged Manafont
Starting mana is reduced from 20 to 10, and the mana bonus when an enemy unit dies is reduced from 30 to 20.
Pandora's Items II augment TFT set 9
Pandora's Items II
Instead of 2 components, you get a complete item.
Sentinel's Spirit icon augment TFT
Sentinel's Spirit
Attack speed bonus reduced from 20% to 15%.
Rapid Incubation icon augment TFT
Rapid Incubation
The HP bonus per star level is reduced from 100 to 80, and the damage and power bonus from 10 to 8.
Stats Tons of Stats! augment TFT
Tons of Stats!
HP and stats bonuses drop from 66 to 55 and from 6 to 5 respectively.
Two Healthy augment TFT icon
Two Healthy
Bonus VPs per unit reduced from 125 to 111.
Unified Resistance II augment TFT icon
Unified Resistance II
Armor and magic resistance bonus reduced from 35 to 30.
Built Different III icon Augment
Built Different III
Attack speed bonus reduced from 40/50/65/75% to 35/40/45/55%.
March of Progress Icon Augment
March of Progress
Bonus experience points reduced from 10 to 3.
Starter Kit augments icon
Starter Kit
You no longer earn item components.

Augments adjustments

AugmentsAdjustments to TFT augments in patch 13.13
Shimmering Inventors icon augment TFT
Shimmering Inventors
Attack speed bonus every 10 gold coins increases from 5% to 8%, but can reach a maximum of 40% instead of 50%.
Total Domination augment TFT icon
Total Domination
The execution threshold is raised from 6% to 8%, but the per-stack bonus is reduced from 2% to 1%.

TFT patch 13.13: changes to set 9 items

We end the changes in TFT patch 13.13 with the items in set 9. There are no major changes here, although the Zeke Coat of Arms and Guinsoo's Enraged Blade have been redesigned, as they were used extensively at the start of the season.

Item buffs

ItemsTFT item buffs in patch 13.13
Bramble Vest TFT Icon Items
Bramble Vest
Damage delay reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds.
Jeweled Gauntlet TFT Icon Item
Jeweled Gauntlet
The power bonus increases from 25 to 30.
Spear of Shojin TFT Icon Item
Spear of Shojin
Starting mana increases from 15 to 30 and power from 15 to 25.

Item Nerfs

ItemsTFT item nerves from patch 13.13
Ionic Spark TFT Icon Items
Ionic Spark
Shock is reduced from 185% to 160% of mana.
Last Whisper TFT Icon Item
Last Whisper
The duration of the effect is reduced from 5 to 3 seconds.
Protector's Vow TFT Icon
Protector's Vow
Armor and magic resistance bonus reduced from 35 to 25.

Item adjustments

ItemsAdjustments to TFT items in patch 13.13
Icon Chalice of Power TFT Items
Chalice of Power
Starting mana is increased from 30 to 45, magic resistance from 20 to 45, while the power bonus is reduced from 25 to 20.
Guinsoo's Rageblade TFT Items Icon
Guinsoo's Rageblade
The basic attack speed bonus increases from 10% to 18%, but the additional bonus per attack decreases from 5% to 4%.
Zeke's Herald Icon TFT Items
Zeke's Herald
The wearer's damage bonus increases from 10% to 25%, but the attack speed offered to adjacent allies drops from 20% to 15%.

That's all for the TFT patch 13.13 changes. These numerous changes will completely overhaul the TFT meta at the start of Set 9, which is still far from stabilized. I invite you to consult all our guides, which are updated regularly as patches are released.

Alco A fan of video games, SF, comics, cinema and new technologies, he is a bit of a geek cliché, but he assumes it.

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