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Guide to Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena to complete the 3 floors

Guide to the Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena

Unlocked after level 2-4 of the campaign, the Labyrinth (Lab or Laby) is located in the Black Forest. Although it will be fairly simple to complete at first, you will probably need a guide from Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena to complete all 3 floors later in your game. This guide contains our main tips and tricks as well as the heroes and relics to choose from to complete the Labyrinth easily, in each of the three modes.

Guide to the Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena: the basics

The Arcane Lab of AFK Arena resets every 48 hours. You therefore have two days to complete the game and obtain the rewards . Each square you advance on makes others disappear and you can never go back. So let's take a look at some of the tips in this Arcane LabyrinthAFK Arena guide to make good decisions on each floor.

Guide to Arcane Labyrinth AFk Arena to complete floor 3 easily

The different steps to choose your path

The structure consists of three floors and can be completed in Normal, Hard and Hard with Wrizz mode depending on your choice, as you progress through the floors, but we'll see how to complete them in the rest of this AFK Arena Maze guide. As you progress from square to square, you choose the next action to perform:

  • Fighting a group of heroes(brown flag, simpler but with less interesting relics, or red flag, difficult to beat but more interesting in terms of drop).
  • Use a fountain of vitality, to heal all your heroes with 50% health.
  • Use a resurrection statue to bring a random dead hero back to life.
  • Use a recruitment camp in the form of an abandoned wagon to add more heroes to your bag.
  • Shopping at the merchant.

Basic advice from Arcane Lab of AFK Arena

As a first advice for this guide of Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena, I think it is better to start the Labyrinth at the beginning of the game session, before having increased the level of your heroes. Since the level of the heroes in the Labyrinth depends on the level of your current heroes, it is best to start the Labyrinth before you have upgraded your heroes to face low level opponents. You can then upgrade your heroes when you get stuck and gain an undeniable advantage.

As each battle brings you a choice of relic that will boost your team for the next. So your objective is obviously to participate in as many fights as possible, not to move from fountain to merchant and so on to avoid confrontation.

Labyrinth shop with battle tokens

Also consider that each battle you win gives you Labyrinth tokens which you can then spend in the dedicated shop to obtain Elite hero fragments. It is therefore essential to participate in as many battles as possible and to draw lines between the fountains of life to keep your team going.

Another little tip is that if your fight goes wrong, press the pause button and leave the fight immediately. This will cancel the fight and its effect on your composition. Therefore, you can adjust your composition or upgrade your heroes according to the tips in this Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena guide to defeat that enemy camp without sacrificing your team unnecessarily. It is also better to play in manual mode, launch ultimates at the beginning of a fight and let the energy bars recharge afterwards to start the next fight in the same way, with burst.

characters to use from the guide Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena

As for the heroes to use, the choice will depend mainly on those you use in campaign mode and who are thus the most advanced. However, it is advisable to select heroes with high sustain, either alone or as a team, such as those in this AFK Arena Labyrinth guide. Amongst them are Shemira, Nemora, or Rowan (utility support) to boost your team. Heroes with high mana regeneration are also a good choice, so be sure to choose the ones you place in your Resonant Crystal!

Guide to the best relics in the AFK Arena Labyrinth

The relics are THE focus of your strategy. If things go wrong, you can always hang on to a Dura tear or two, but it is better to do without them. Choosing the right Labyrinth relics makes the difference between winning and losing. You can see the power boost given to your team by the relics under the power score in the top left corner of the screen.

Here is a ranking of relics as a guide to Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena to choose the best items.

AFK Arena lab relics tierlist to choose from

Of course, you'll have to deal with combat drops, and the relics will disappear once you've completed the 3 floors of the Labyrinth. The Sun and Moon Stones make a perfect duo to continually invigorate your team.

The heroes to focus on to complete each stage of the

A balanced team is essential. For this guide of Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena, I advise you to use a composition with 2 heroes in close combat, 1 CC (or 2) and 1 DPS (or 2, depending on the CC). In general, the character with CC will also have a protection or heal boost which will increase the team's sustain.

Recruiting heroes from abandoned wagons

To continue this guide to the AFK Arena Labyrinth, let's take a look at the heroes that will make your job easier.

All boxes of the Arcane Labyrinth AFK Arena in guide

Here are the different paths of Arcane Labyrinth, by floor, to better find the wagons and fountains of vitality for example.

In the abandoned wagons, focus on characters like Talene, Rowan, Tasi, Baden, Ferael, Nemora, Mehira, Orthros or Shemira. These heroes will help you get through Wrizz and the Difficult mode. Furthermore, Shemira is the most popular hero in all modes and, in general, the most frequently maxed out hero by all players.

Bonus for beating Wrizz in the Arcane Labyrinth

Wrizz is the same boss you find in your guild fight. He is a Barbarian type, which means that it is better to use Lightbearers to take advantage of the factional superiority on damage. Similarly, Nemora (Savageon), will be able to regenerate your heroes' HP (you must activate his ultimate manually at the beginning of Wrizz's ultimate to counter his damage).

Tips to beat Wrizz in the Black Forest

You can ideally use the same composition to beat Wrizz in the AFK Arena Arcane Labyrinth as you normally would in guild combat. With at least 2 of the above mentioned heroes, you should have a fairly easy time against Wrizz.

Once you've completed the maze, you're missing some rewards ? Consider using the Huawei Game Center to boost your progress for free!

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