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Burning Woods Guide AFK Arena: tips for completing the adventure

Burning Woods guide afk arena

Thanks to this guide to the Burning Woods on AFK Arena, this will no longer be a difficult adventure for you. In this guide, we explain the different stages to follow and the battles encountered to complete the adventure at 100%. To make the Peaks of Time experience as easy as possible, we've designed the quickest route, with the simplest battles. Check out our tips and tricks for completing this adventure!

Burning Woods guide AFK Arena: the battles and the best team

Our AFK Arena Burning Woods guide allows you to collect all the level's rewards. To do so, you'll need to complete two runs, each with its own specific path.

Details of the battles in Burning Woods

Run 1

  • Number of battles: 12,

  • Minimum / maximum level: 200 - 310,

  • Main Faction: Lightbearers,

  • Minimum recommended level: 220.

Run 2

  • Number of battles: 10,

  • Minimum / maximum level: 200-250,

  • Majority Faction: Lightbearers,

  • Minimum recommended level: 220.

Given the composition of the mob teams, with a majority of Lightbearers, you'll need heroes from the Graveborn faction.

Our ideal team for the Burning Woods:

  • Shemira

  • Baden

  • Nara

  • Lucius

  • Belinda

Guide to Run 1 of the Burning Woods AFK Arena

There are some places in this world that are not directly accessible. Here are our tips and advice for this first run through the Burning Woods.

To start this run, first destroy theFire Altar, then head to the right. Then complete the two battles. Once you've won, destroy the Fire Altar to the north, then interact with theWater Altar, located beneath the two camps you've eliminated.

First stage of the Burning Woods guide AFK Arena

Head to the right and fight the camp of enemies you see.

Second stage of the Burning Woods guide AFK Arena

Then turn left and head south, following the scorched grass tracks. You'll come across a camp that you'll have to fight. Then return the same way you came.

Third stage of the Burning Woods guide AFK Arena

You will then see a line of enemy camps. To the left of the ridges are two battles, and to the right are four battles blocking access to a tent. Complete the first battle only, which is on the left of the ridges, then fight the four mob camps on the right. You can then access the tent.

Access to the Burning Woods tent

Interacting with the tent will generate a blue triangle of light. This is a teleporter that gives you access to the inaccessible island on the map. Go to it.

The Burning Woods teleporter

All you have to do now is fight the last two camps and defeat the boss to collect the first reward. Once you've finished, leave the adventure to start the second run.

Final stage of the Burning Woods guide AFK Arena

AFK Arena Burning Woods Run 2 Guide

The route for this second run will be a little different. By following our Burning Woods tips, you'll be able to collect the remaining chests.

First, destroy theFire Altar that's blocking your progress. Complete the first two battles, then continue with the next 6 battles, which are on the left. Win each battle until you reach the tent.

Stage 7 AFK Arena Guide Burning Woods

Stage 8 AFK Arena Guide Burning Woods

Continue straight ahead, then fight the battle in front of you, before moving on to the special battle. This is Ezizh, the hypogean hero, the only one you'll have to face in this battle.

Stage 9 AFK Arena Guide Burning Woods

Once you've won this battle, return to the starting point and activate theWater Altar (which you activated on your first run). This will give you access to the remaining chests! Now all you have to do is complete the battles that prevent you from picking them up directly, and finish the Burning Woods.

Stage 10 AFK Arena Guide Burning Woods

Enjoy our guide to Burning Woods in AFK Arena? Would you like to try some new challenges? Check out our AFK Arena tips and make the most of your experience!

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