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How to rank up in Call of Duty Mobile | Our tips

Upgrading Call of Duty mobile

Ranking up in Call of Duty Mobile is not complicated, as long as you apply the right playing methods. Play regularly and you'll quickly gain ranks in CoD iOS and Android! So what are ranks for on CoD Mobile? Well, your ranks will allow you to participate in various events and tournaments! Let's go for our tips and tricks to increase your rank in Call of Duty Mobile 😉

The ranks in Call of Duty Mobile
The ranks in Call of Duty Mobile

What are the different ranks in Call of Duty Mobile?

There are several ranks that you can reach by playing CoD Mobile repeatedly. All players start Call of Duty Mobile at Novice I. The more you participate in ranked games, the higher the rank you will achieve in the form of ranking points.

  • You start at the Rookie level ( Novice I, Novice II and Novice III).
  • You quickly reach the next rank, Veteran I, II and III.
  • Then you move up to Elite I, Elite II and Elite III.
  • Next are the Pro I, Pro II, Pro III and Pro IV grades in CoD Mobile.
  • The next rank is Master I, Master II, Master III, Master IV and Master V.
  • Finally, the last rank you can achieve is Legendary.

First of all, you should know that rank points, which are used to move up in rank, are only available by playing Call of Duty Mobile's Multiplayer mode. To earn rank points and ranks, you must participate in rank matches, ranked games on CoD Mobile.

Multiplayer Game on CoD Mobile
Multiplayer Game on CoD Mobile

A quick reminder: To participate in the matches, you must go to the Multiplayer mode. At this point you have two options: play the MJ mode or participate in the ranked matches. You go to ranked games and choose your weapons before starting the fights! Another little subtlety is that you can only play in ranked games from level 10 CoD Mobile.

Ranking is a little different in Battle Royale mode as you are ranked according to your number of wins and not according to ranking points, which are only available in MJ mode.

What is the point of moving up the ranks in CoD Mobile?

But then, why would you want to rank up in Call of Duty Mobile? Well, participating in Ranked also means getting a pass to a multitude of events. For example, players are often required to have a minimum rank to participate in tournaments.

For example, if you wanted to participate in the 2020 CoD Mobile World Championship, the condition to be eligible was to be at the minimum veteran rank. By the way, if you want to participate in tournaments esport Call of Duty Mobile, it will help you to improve your games and therefore to move up in rank!

Another reason to rank up in CoD Mobile: you earn useful rewards ! Amongst rewards, you can get weapons, skins and many other items that are delivered directly to you when you gain a new rank.

Assets in Call of Duty Mobile
Assets in Call of Duty Mobile

To move up is also to play better. And to play better is to move up in rank! It's recommended to train with a specific weapon in order to know it down to the end of the trigger! 😉 This helps you especially in ranked games. The more you know your equipment, the better you will handle it!

Good to know: to easily find out what rank you are, go to the homepage of the CoD Mobile application. You will have a direct button to access all your information in ranked mode: rank, rewards.

How to quickly improve your rank in CoD Mobile?

To improve your rank in Call of Duty Mobile, it is first important to play every day. By logging in and earning ranks, you earn items and these rewards will allow you to advance in the game. The stronger you become, the higher your rank. And to get stronger and stronger, follow our tips on Call of Duty Mobile 😉

Well, you've already understood, you'll have to train hard on the classified games! To easily increase your rank, the most important thing is to vary your playing techniques in the ranked games. Switch between game modes and keep moving! For example, you will, of course, get rank points for killing enemies. But you'll get more points if you do everything: kill several enemies with an assault rifle, then kill an enemy with a grenade, follow up with a sniper mode, etc.

The more powerful weapons you have, the faster you will be ranked! So don't forget to choose your arsenal carefully and go through the weapon customisation process with GunSmith.

Multiplayer game on Call of Duty Mobile
Multiplayer game on Call of Duty Mobile

You can also increase your XP by using other means for your eliminations. This is a good way to vary your techniques and become a real Swiss Army knife in Call of Duty Mobile. For example, drones are widely used in ranked games to levelup.

Another tip is to vary the game modes in Multiplayer mode. Train on all fronts and you'll progress faster on CoD Mobile! So alternate between Domination mode, Team Deathmatch mode, or even with Frontline or HardPoint mode. 💪

So now you know exactly what ranks are in Call of Duty Mobile and how to improve your rank! Did you find this article useful? Leave us a little comment and tell us your tips on how to upgrade your rank in CoD Mobile 😉

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