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Everything you need to know about the Call of Duty Mobile Tournaments: participation, registration, esport

Call of Duty Mobile Tournaments

Call of Duty Mobile tournaments are a great way to get better at the game. Playing against hot players takes practice! Especially on a esport such as CoD Mobile. Participating in tournaments means discovering new players, improving your skills in certain game modes and taking part in a real sports game marathon. It is also a good opportunity to gain notoriety and to obtain rewards. In this article, we tell you everything about CoD Mobile tournaments: participation, registration and championship esport ! Let's go! 😉

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Why are tournaments so important in CoD Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile is a game that requires a lot of training in all game modes. Participating in theesport or in Call of Duty Mobile championships allows you to get notoriety in the game community. We advise you to train very hard on the game mode you have applied for. Here are the types of tournaments you can participate in on CoD Mobile:

  • Team deathmatch: you will have to beat the players of the opposing team. This mode is a 5v5.
  • Free-for-all: every player for himself. Kill a lot of opponents! 8 player mode.
  • Domination: capture and control flags on the map. Earn points for your team to win. 10 player mode.
  • Strategic Point: Capture the periodically rotating point. Earn points for your team. 10 player mode.
  • Frontline: spawning in an allied base and killing the opposing team's players. 10 player mode.
  • Battle Royale mode: Solo, Duo, Squad. 100 players per lobby.
Call of Duty Mobile Tournaments
Call of Duty Mobile Tournaments

Participating in Call of Duty Mobile tournaments is essentially a way to improve your skills in these game modes, but also to get a good dose of adrenaline by watching other CoD players play!

By participating, you will have the opportunity to win prizes, entirely at the host's expense. You can win cash, Steam wallet codes, Steam gift cards, Amazon gift cards or Google Play gift cards. You can also get subscription codes for Netflix or Spotify. Isn't life great?

How to participate in a Call of Duty Mobile tournament?

First and foremost, you should know that most organizers esport on CoD Mobile will require you to be ranked and have at least a veteran rank. To qualify for a tournament, you must first rank up in CoD Mobile!

To participate in tournaments and especially to win tournaments, it is very important to train well in MJ and in Battle Royale mode (accessible at level 7). It is also essential to participate regularly in ranked games (accessible at level 10), in order to quickly obtain a good level and your veteran rank.

Registering for a tournament is easy. In order to participate and followesport Call of Duty Mobile, you need to register through which lists a large part of the tournaments available on CoD Mobile. To access it, you must download the application on Android or iOS. For the rest, registering is very simple, you only have to enter your ID.

Register for Call of Duty Mobile tournaments with

The first solution requires the application. You have to download this app and log in with your Discord account or your Twitter account. Or with a phone number and a unique PIN code. Under the Tournament Calendar tab, you can find a list of upcoming Call of Duty tournaments. Click on the tournament you want to enter. You will see a "Register" button at the bottom of the page, click it. Enter your IGN, your in-game name and click on the "Register" button at the bottom of the page. That's it!

Sign up for Call of Duty Mobile tournaments with Discord

Second solution to register for Call of Duty Mobile tournaments. You have to go to your Discord interface. Add the BOT Tourney, which you can also use if you want to start a tournament. Go to the #tournament-info room in Discord to find out the tournament details. Click on #tournament-lobby below the #tournament-info room. To enter the tournament, type !register in the #tournament-lobby room. Tourney will send you a Private Message, type !joinsolo with your game name in PM. And that's it, you're registered!

Stream Twitch by GS991tv on a Call of Duty Mobile tournament with
Stream Twitch by GS991tv on a Call of Duty Mobile tournament with

Participate in the Call of Duty Championship

In 2020, Activision announced a new tournament: the Call of Duty Championship 2020. This tournament allowed the winning players to share no less than one million dollars in cash prize money. All players ranked veteran or above and at least 18 years old can enter. These are the same entry and qualification requirements for the 2021 Call of Duty Championship.

Once again this year, you must assemble a team of 5 players for several 5v5 matches in multiplayer mode. This championship allows the best CoD Mobile players to compete in a real team competition.

There are a few rules and conditions for participating in the tournament. Last year, participants had to complete four events to qualify for the next round. The qualifiers were open over four weekends. Players could click on "register" and had to play ranked games. The first ten ranked games were then counted as ranking points for the tournament qualification. Points are counted according to individual wins. Eighty points were required to advance to the next stage.

Please note that players must use eligible hardware to participate! For example, it is forbidden to play with a Call of Duty Mobile controller for this tournament! Of course, you can use a controller to practice beforehand!

Now you know everything about Call of Duty Mobile tournaments. To participate, remember to practice by applying our tips to become better at CoD Mobile! Enjoy the game.

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