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Clash Royale Goblin Guide

Clash Royale Goblin Guide

In this Clash Royale Goblin guide, we'll give you tips and tricks for playing this card. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of this card, as well as the best deck to win trophies quickly with Goblin.

Goblin's strengths and weaknesses

Clash Royale Goblin card is available from the first arena, Gobelinarium. It costs 2 units of Elixir and summons three small goblins. This is the equivalent of the Goblin Barrel, except that you can only place them on your side. These three units only target land units and only attack in close combat as its range is only 0.8 squares.

Clash Royale Goblin Card

In Clash Royale, Goblin inflict a lot of damage thanks to a high attack speed, at a rate of one hit every 1.1 seconds. Moreover, it is a very cheap card, to put it as soon as possible to get it back as soon as possible. On the other hand, the main weakness of Goblin is their lack of resistance, although they have slightly more health points than Spear Goblin. Indeed, a simple arrow from the Princess or a Log is enough to kill all three units instantly.

How to play Goblin in Clash Royale?

During your attack phases in Clash Royale, Goblin are best used in support of a tank so that they have time to do damage. They are fast and cost little Elixir, so don't hesitate to use them quickly to cycle your cards. In defence, Goblins are very effective against units that do not retaliate, such as Giants or Golems. On the other hand, you can also use them to distract and save life points on your towers.

Clash Royale Goblin Guide

To counter Goblin if your opponent plays them, air units do the trick, as they are unreachable for our little green guys. If the enemies are far enough away, units with area damage can take them out in one hit, as can attack spells such as Arrows or Zap.

The best Clash Royale Goblin deck

Now that you know how to play the card, it's time to tackle the last part of our guide with the best Clash Royale Goblin deck. For the occasion, we've put together an all-Goblin deck for you.

First of all, your main tank will be the Goblin Giant. This will be your only unit that will be able to survive enemy attack spells, with the exception of the Goblin that comes out of the Goblin Cage once it is destroyed or time runs out. In defence, the Goblin Hut will allow you to save life points on your towers, but you can also use it in the attack phase for the spear goblins that come out.

The best Clash Royale Goblin deck

Overall, this deck is quite offensive and allows you to attack very regularly with many cheap units, such as Goblin and Spear Goblin and the Goblin Gang.

To defend, the opponent is forced to react, often with more expensive cards in Elixir. This deck is therefore similar in its mechanics to the Log Bait deck, which we will talk about shortly. Once you are sure you have the Elixir advantage, send your Goblin Barrel to an enemy tower, then the Dart Goblin to do damage at very long range.

That's it for our Clash Royale Goblin guide. You now know the strengths and weaknesses of the card and the best deck to play Goblin. For more cards and decks, check out our Clash Royale tips page.

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