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Clash Royale: the Monk and the Phoenix are coming in the next update

Supercell has just announced the biggest update of the year for its card game, with two new Clash Royale units, the Monk...[Read More]

Clash Royale Season 38: Clash from the Past

Clash of the Past, Season 38 of Clash Royale, brings a retro touch to the world of Supercell's game. Let's find out what's new in this season...[Read More]

Clash Royale Summer Update welcomes banners

Customise your player identity with the addition of banners in the Clash Royale summer update. In addition to emotes and nicknames, it's now ...[Read More]

Clash Royale Season 36 Bone Pit released

As the season of Sacred Witches comes to an end, it's time for the Bone Pit in season 36 of Clash Royale. Let's take a look at what's new in Clash Royale.[Read More]

Clash Royale Season 35 welcomes the Super Witches

After a season dedicated to the character of the miner, it's the Witch's turn to be highlighted in this season 35 of Clash Royale ...[Read More]

Clash Royale League West to resume soon

The global pandemic is not yet fully resolved, but life goes on. In this context, theesport and the...[Read More]

Clash Royale has generated over 3 billion in revenue!

Supercell must be smiling, as its Clash Royale game is doing extremely well and has generated over 3 billion in revenue in four years. Now, however, the...[Read More]

Clash Royale League East prepares for next season

Clash Royale is one of the most popular mobile games. Developed by the Japanese company Supercell, it has a professional league of its own.[Read More]

Free gifts on Clash Royale !

Supercell offers rewards to its community on Clash Royale! You can pick them up in the daily deals menu, so hurry up before the game is over.[Read More]

New balance activated in game! (23/3)

Clash Royale update of 23/03/2016. Find all the new features in the changelog below: Arc-X: range reduced to 12 (instead of 13) ...[Read More]

Clash Royale update: maps, arena and more!

SIX NEW CARDS Common Card: Royal Giant Rare Card: Three Musketeers Epic Cards: Dark Prince, Poison New Card Rarity: The...[Read More]

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