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Clash Royale Season 51 Patch Notes: King's Gambit!

Clash Royale season 51 patch notes for the King's Gambit update

Clash Royale Season 51, titled "King's Gambit", was released on September 4, 2023. For the chess players among you, this name should sound familiar! This season heralds the partnership between Supercell and, as revealed on the Clash Royale channel. In this article, as we've done in previous CR seasons, we'll be taking a look at the patch notes for this update, which puts Chess in the spotlight. The program features a new evolved unit: the Evolved Royal Recruits. There are also new challenges, a new skin turn, new emotes, banners and a new chessboard-style arena!

Visual from Clash Royale Season 51

Evolved Royal Recruits, new for Season 51 of Clash Royale

Evolved Royal Recruits are one of the big new features of Season 51 of Clash Royale!

Evolved Royal Recruits in Clash Royale season 51

You can get them quickly if you have the Diamond Pass: at level 13, you can collect 6 evolution shards for the CR Royal Recruits. These shards will enable you to upgrade this unit.

Royal Recruits Evolution shards available at level 13 of the King's Gambit update

Royal Recruits only need one cycle to evolve, so when you play this card, it will evolve every other cycle. Once evolved, they'll have a new ability, Charge. With Charge, if they lose their shield, they'll immediately start charging towards the nearest target.

But we'll be coming back to this card, its evolution, its specific features and the decks to play it with, in a guide to be released shortly!

Changes introduced in season 51 update: King's Gambit

The S51 CR update focuses on Royal Recruits, a chessboard arena map and even some stylish King and Queen skins .

Rewards unlocked with the Diamond Pass

In addition to the fragments of upgrades available at level 13 we've just mentioned, rewards once again awaits CR Pass holders. And if chess is in the spotlight this season, you may not be surprised: if you have a Diamond Pass, a new rook skin chessboard-style will be available at level 48.

A new tower skin in Clash Royale S51 update

Again with the Diamond Pass, you can pick up an animated Evolutionary Royal Recruits banner at level 49, and an emote from this new evolutionary card at level 96.

A new CR banner for the Evolved Royal Recruits in S51
A new CR emote for the arrival of Evolving Royal Recruits

New emotes, banners, and a new tower skin

If you don't want to spend all your money on a Diamond Pass, don't worry! In all, 7 new emotes will be arriving, including 4 chess-themed ones. Also, you're getting the hang of it: 16 new banners will be available in the Banner Box.

Maybe these emotes will join the list of the rarest Clash Royale top emotes!

Chess Arena and Chess Royale CR in S51

What's more, a new Legends' Path arena will be arriving this season, still based on the chess concept!

A new chessboard-based arena for Season 51 of Clash Royale

Seasonal card boosts

Seasonal card boosts include: Prince, Royal Recruits, Magic Archer and Archer Queen!

Seasonal map boosts in the S51 CR patch notes

New challenges for Clash Royale season 51

4 challenges land in this new Clash Royale season update: King's Gambit!

  • The "More than Royal Recruits" challenge, which will be a new event with a deck containing the evolving Royal Recruits.
  • The "Chess Royale" challenge: instead of towers, players move around a chessboard with units. If you win all 12 victories, you'll get a brand-new, chess-based emote.
  • The "Mirror, mirror, mirror..." challengeThis is a classic challenge you've probably already taken part in, where players have the same deck and the same starting hand.
  • The "Prince's Revenge" challenge, where the Prince will have a rage buff.

Finally, there should be no map balancing during Season 51, although updates may still appear. We'll keep you posted, and in the meantime, we'll soon be sharing our guide to Evolved Royal Recruits!

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