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Cyclops Mobile Legends: Best Builds And Skills

Cyclops Mobile Legends

Meet Cyclops, one of the strongest Mages in Mobile Legends. Despite his adorable appearance, this dwarfed giant is a deadly DPS Mage that can force enemies to run for their lives. But to understand how Cyclops Mobile Legends works, we'll venture through his playstyle, looking at the tips and tricks to master him and raise your MLBB Rank. Join us on our journey as we go through the best Builds and Skills for Cyclops.

Is Cyclops Mobile Legends good?

The small, short-ranged Cyclops Mobile Legends seems like a vulnerable mage, but in reality, he can be one of the deadly mages. Cyclops, although small, is one of the Giants located in the Land of the Giants. His quickly spam-able skills allow him to dish out high damage quickly, even onto the tankier heroes, making them run for their lives.

Cyclops Mobile Legends

Cyclops' counters are fast-paced heroes. If you see Assassins with high mobility, then, it's better to either pick another hero or play with caution. If you have a tanky frontline with you, you can hide behind the tanks and dish out constant damage to the enemies.

Cyclops Mobile Legends build: best equipment

Cyclops, much like other mages, depends on his skills to inflict damage. But he stands out as a DPS mage, who has constantly cast his skills. For that, Cyclops benefits from items that have CD reduction and Mana Regen. That way, Cyclops remains in fights for an extended duration without going into a 'cooldown' mode. On top of that, life-steal items ensure that Cyclops on his own is a durable hero.

Cyclops Mobile Legends Builds

Down below is the Best build and equipment to ensure that Cyclops Mobile Legends is a nuance to enemies.

Item Name Description
Magic Boots Magic Boots Magic Boots provides a +10% CD Reduction, which comes in quite handy for Cyclops. You can utilize it to cast your skills quickly in fights.
Enchanted Talisman Enchanted Talisman Enchanted Talisman, a core item for Cyclops, offers high CD Reduction and Mana Regen. It allows Cyclops to keep using his skills in a team fight without worrying about cooldowns or running out of Mana.
Concentrated Energy Concentrated Energy Another Core item for Cyclops is the Concentrated Energy. It is the best item for DPS mages as it increases their damage output with each hit. It offers life steal which enhances Cyclops' durability.
Genius Wand Genius Wand The Genius Wand decreases enemies' Magic Defense with each hit, up to 9 Defense per hit. It stacks up to 3 times, which allows you to reduce enemies' defense quite significantly, making them weaker for you and other Magic Damage heroes to take down.
Necklace of Durance - Mobile Legends Necklace of Durance If the enemy team has Healers or Heroes that rely on Healing, then Necklace of Durance is the perfect counter for them. The Necklace of Durance has anti-healing abilities that reduce enemies' healing. In addition to that, NoD has an extra CD reduction that further chances Cyclops Mobile Legends' impact in team fights.

Blood Wings Mobile Legends



Blood Wings / Immortality

Blood Wings provide the highest Magic Power among all Magic items. Whereas its passive provides a powerful shield that soaks up damage, saving you from potential ambushes or surprise attacks.

Alternatively, you might consider Immortality as the last item. Immortality serves as a safeguard in case an assassin targets you. The revival provides a window for your teammates to come to your aid and rescue you.

A Mobile Legends build isn't complete without a Battle Spell and Equipment Set. When playing with Cyclops, here are the Best Spells and Equipment that you can choose.

Battle Spell

Cyclops is a versatile Mage hero, but many players prefer using Cyclops as a Jungler. Here are some effective Battle Spells for Cyclops.

  • Retribution: Retribution helps Cyclops secure Neutral objectives and gain an advantage in team fights.
  • Flicker: Use Flicker to swiftly re-position yourself during team fights, evading potential attacks and turning the battle's tide.
  • Sprint: Sprint allows for faster rotations. With Sprint, Cyclops Mobile Legends can easily gank side lanes.

Emblem Set

  • Custom Mage Emblem: The Mage Emblem provides the extra Magic Power, CD Reduction and Magic PEN required to deal higher damage.
  • Talents: Inspire, Festival of Blood, and Lethal Ignition are great at providing CD Reduction, Lifesteal and Damage. If you are Jungling, you can change the Festival of Blood with Seasoned Hunter for faster Jungle clear.

How to play Cyclops Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

Cyclops Mobile Legends is a nimble, yet powerful hero. He moves around quickly while dealing high Magic damage on the go. But to unleash Cyclops' full potential as a deadly mage, you will have to master his abilities. Let's take a look at Cyclops' abilities.

Cyclops Mobile Legends skills

Starlight Hourglass - Passive

Every time Cyclops' skills hit any enemy, the cooldown of all of his skills is reduced by 0.5 seconds.

Stardust Shock - 1st Skill

Upon using the Stardust Shock, cyclops launches two disks. Both disks deal Magic Damage to enemies in their path.

Planets Attack - 2nd Skill

With the Planets Attack skill, Cyclops materializes orbs around him. He gains extra movement speed that lasts for 2 seconds. The spheres automatically lock onto nearby enemies, and explode upon collision. Planets Attack will be your bread and butter in team fights.

Star Power Lockdown - Ultimate

With the Star Power Lockdown Ultimate, Cyclops creates a sphere that follows enemies. It deals high amounts of Magic Damage while locking the enemies in their position for up to 2 seconds. It is a great escape or chase skill, depending on the situation.


While playing with Cyclops, play passively until you get to level 4. That will enable you to gank EXP and Gold Lane to help team mates. Upon acquiring Enchanted Talisman, freely rotate around the map as your skills will be readily available to use. With the Concentrated Energy, the little Cyclops will now be a deadly, yet durable mage.

Although Cyclops Mobile Legends is primarily a mage, you can use him as a Jungler too. His skill set allows him to farm creeps quickly and efficiently. Not only that, but He is quite powerful in team fights too. You can keep using his skills thanks to Cyclops' passive and extra CD reduction from items.

Use the Ultimate when you are chasing after enemies, or while evading enemies. The Ultimate will lock enemies for a few seconds, giving you time to either get closer or to run away from them. Apart from that, if an enemy is running away at low health, you can use the Ultimate after them. It will chase the enemy and the high magic damage will get you a kill.

Combo Sequence: Ultimate -> 2nd -> 1st -> 2nd

Cyclops Counter Mobile Legends

Cyclops Mobile Legends has some heroes that kneel before the dwarf one-eyed giant. Whereas Burst heroes are counter Cyclops. If you want to learn the heroes that Cyclops is good against or the heroes that counter Cyclops, check the list below :

Best Picks vs Cyclops

Below are the heroes that Cyclops is powerful against:

  • Tanks
  • Low Mobility Heroes
  • DPS Heroes

Worst Picks vs Cyclops

Cyclops isn't great if you pick him up against Burst Heroes. Here is the list of Heroes that you should avoid:

  • Assassins
  • Burst Mages
  • Marksmen

Who is Cyclops in Mobile Legends?

Cyclops hails from the Land of the Giants, which is located far east of the Land of Dawn. The Dwarf-giant was different from other giants, as he relied on the magical power of Stars rather than sheer strength. Armed with an Hourglass that he uses to channel this cosmic energy, he possesses the ability to travel through space, making him powerful and invincible.

On his travels, he came to the Land of Dawn, where he got to meet powerful opponents. With the Magical power of planetary motion, Cyclops roams around the Land of Dawn, challenging opponents to have his name written down as the greatest hero to have ever lived.

With that, we conclude our Cyclops Mobile Legends guide. Although Cyclops seems weak, with enough practice, you can make enemies run for their lives. If you're starting new on Mobile Legends, consider checking out our Mobile Legends tips and tricks.

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