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TFT meta guide : comps and build

TFT meta guide : comps and build

Find out in this TFT meta guide of comps, augments and items of each set. With our tips and tricks, you'll know how to adapt to the changing meta of the autochthonous Riot Games. We'll show you the strategies to adopt to stay competitive in this ever-changing game.

The TFT meta operation

The TFT meta represents the strategies and champions comps that are considered most effective in the game at a given time.

The TFT meta operation

The meta evolves over time as new patches are released and champion stats, traits, augments, and items changes. Players must therefore often adapt to the meta by changing their teams and strategies to remain competitive.

The TFT meta of the set 8 : comps, augments and items build

Let's start our TFT meta guide with the comps, augments and items of set 8. Released on the live servers in December 2022, Set 8, titled Monsters Attack, is the latest set and the one that players are currently competing on to move up the leaderboard.

The latter is marked by the arrival of new traits and champions, but also and especially by the addition of hero Augments, which grant bonuses when specific champions are present in your composition.

As for the 27 traits in this set, there are some compositions that stand out: Mecha: PRIME for armor, Anima Squad for physical damage and attack speed, but also Star Guardian for magical damage.

To know everything about the new features of the TFT Set 8 and the changes of each patch, I redirect you to our TFT meta guide of the Set 8.

The TFT meta of the set 7 : comps, augments and items build

We continue our guide to the TFT meta with the comps, items and augments of set 7. Named the Dragonlands, this set never really managed to find its balance.

Among the outstanding TFT set 7 comps, we remember in particular the composition Olaf / Assassin, and more generally the omnipresence of powerful champions like Xayah, Varus or Corki.

Nerf of the Diana and Olaf comp in the TFT meta with patch 12.12

To discover all the patches, the best compositions and the list of all the TFT augments of the set 7, head to our TFT guide of the set 7 meta.

TFT Set 6 : the arrival of augments

Before that, the TFT Set 6 had marked the introduction of the system of optimizations with the Hextech Augments which gave various bonuses to certain champions or to the whole team. It is actually the last novelty which was kept in the following sets. To shed some light on this aspect of the game, we've written a Set 6 Hextech Augments tier list.

The arrival of Hextech Augments in the TFT meta with the Set 6

In Set 6, the most powerful traits were the Assassins with Shaco and Akali, the Twinshots with Jinx and Gangplank, or the Mutants whose bonus varied with each game.

That's it for our TFT meta guide of comps, augments and item builds for each set. And to discover the basics of how Teamfight Tactics works, I refer you to our TFT guide to getting started.

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