Progressive launch of Bad Piggies 2 in Europe

Bad Piggies 2 released on Android and iOS

The company that createdAngry Birds has been at the center of all the attention in the mobile market in recent months. After stating that it wanted to make Red, its red bird, a mobile video game mascot, Rovio Entertainment was acquired by SEGA in April and is finally releasing Bad Piggies 2 in select regions.

New levels for the release of Bad Piggies 2

This sequel to the 2012 game Bad Piggies takes everything that made Angry Birds and its evil green pigs so successful on mobile. The release of Bad Piggies 2 brings a very similar game to the first opus with varied levels and more complicated challenges. Send your pigs to destroy 2D environments in a custom vehicle to cross the finish line in the allotted time. Participate in explosive events and upgrade your piggy vehicle with new parts unlocked as you progress. Between levels, return to the village and complete orders from the locals at your workshop.

gameplay levels Bad Piggies 2 mobile game release

Go faster and faster in your piggy vehicle for the release of Bad Piggies 2 on iOS. Besides, the content will be constantly reinforced as the developers have planned regular updates to revitalize the piggies in the coming months.

Play the new Bad Piggies 2 now

Available on App Store, the game is only released in some countries for now: the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland and Norway. So you can play Bad Piggies 2 on iOS from your iPad or iPhone with a VPN if you don't live in one of the eligible countries. For now, it's not known what Rovio has planned for Android players even though some countries seem to have access on Google Play. However, if you don't want to miss any news about the release of Bad Piggies 2, keep following our news closely or our mobile game news page.

In another upcoming game, the birds get their revenge on the pigs. I'm talking aboutAngry Birds Kingdom, which is being released gradually in some regions. Fans of strategy and autochthonous games will be delighted to discover this fresh wind on the Angry Birds license.

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